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Hows Colorado/Washington doing?

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by Ruger420, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. So this question has been killing me, how's recreational marijuana doing in Colorado and Washington? Are there any restrictions besides the age requirement? And can you buy concentrates, edibles, and even tinctures? How much is an ounce from these recreational dispensaries? I figured this would be a pretty good first post, sorry if its in the wrong place!
  2. As far as I've heard, there aren't any "recreational dispensaries" opened up yet, you just have to get your bud from a dealer I guess.
  3. The task force is still working out the regulations.....

    for example, earlier this week they decided that "pot tourism" would be OK,
    now their deciding on the amount an out of state tourist can buy at a time....

    The law (actually state constitutional amendment ) requires all issues to be resolved (regulations, taxes, distribution, licencing, etc.) and legal shops to open by (I believe) Jan 1 2014 -- and, based on demand, they may open earlier....
  4. This is exactly what I wanted to hear! Thank you! I'm gonna shit a brick if they decide on only a gram at a time for tourists, hopefully it'll be at least a half o ;) but it's only legal for 21+ right?
  5. Yes, 21 and older....

    and the last thing I read, they were discussing an 1/8 per purchase.....but that could, and probably will, change

    also, they are already starting to put signs up in the airports reminding tourists that they should leave their pot behind as it's not legal in other states yet
  6. There are a couple of clubs in Colorado. You dont need a Med card just 21 and over. You pay around $20 for entrance. That gets you all the weed you can smoke and a live band. They ''give'' the weed away b/c there is not a selling system in place yet.

  7. So do you just go and pick any strain at the counter all for free or is there just a big bag of mids for everyone?

  8. that sounds so fucking fun to just chill there on a friday night or something
  9. I haven't gone to it yet. They have different strains of weed and hash and many types of smoking devices for people to use.
  10. Man I love this thread. Need to get the wife on board for a vacation to Colorado. Is the best place to go Denver?
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    As amazing as those clubs sounds it still remains that I was born about 4 years to late :( I guess I'll just remain an "outlaw" until I turn 21 :/

  12. So, you are 17?

  13. Boulder, my friend.

    As for the situation here, there are no stores yet, but as mentioned above there are a couple 'clubs', and you can also get on craigslist and find plenty of bud, hash, concentrates, and edibles. There is a loophole where people are not selling weed, they are giving it away if you donate some money to them, or they are charging for delivery of free weed. Fine line, but it seems to be holding. :smoking:
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    Not much has changed in Washington yet..

    The state has until dec 2013 before they have to issue a permit to the 3 different levels of distribution.

    I heard last night on the local news.. feds really trying to stop it.. was with some friends they interpreted it like I502 was already reversed lol.. It will be hella interesting to see how this plays out.

    State vs the Country..

    Judge Rehnquist is rollin over in his grave.
  15. Unfortunatley, those clubs probably wont be forming in Washington for several reasons, mostly to due to public display laws and no smoking ban throughout the state. I have heard a bar opened up in Olympia, but it is BYOM and I dont even know if they we're actually allowed to open or not. As far as the planning and implemenataion goes, so far I am pleased how the WSLCB is handling it by patiently and step-by-step communicating with the public and even taking ideas from public forums. It is evident in the meetings that have been held that the biggest concern is to undercut the blackmarket and allowing for both large scale and small growers to thrive in the new market. IMO, (might be biased) but I think Washinton will have an easier time implementing their system then Colorado, because I can see the Governor and the task force in Colorado really dragging their feet on this.
  16. Nope, I just turned 18 about a month ago.
  17. More like state vs central government
  18. Foot dragging is the way of politics. Like a bunch of children out there. I agree that hickenpooper will drag this out till the last possible day, all the while holding hands with the feds to do all he can to stop it. No matter, I suspect his time in CO office is limited, as voters will remember. Unless he switches parties.

  19. ya same fn difference
  20. As far as I know, recreational weed stores will not start opening until next year at the earliest. The feds are likely to engage in some saber rattling, but I'm confident that the will of the people will prevail.

    Frankie's Sports Pub in Olympia allows people to smoke weed upstairs in their "private club" reserved for members, which is exempt from the state's indoor smoking ban. However, it's bring your own bud and they don't sell it on the premises.

    Here's a picture of a dude toking up at Frankie's

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