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  1. Ist timer .... that had spent sometime on this site gathering insight

    How have I done so far?

    18 Ladies

    35 sq. ft
    1296 watts of T5-s = 3 units
    600 watt MH/HPS

    1 week Germinating
    5 weeks Vegging
    These photos = 18 days into Bloom


    seafood tea's once a week since 12/12
    seltzer water mistings 3-4 times per day
    Flowertone 3-5-7 once a week since 12/12 ..... 6 Caramelicious and 6 White Widows + 6 randoms

    The webiste states 35 - 60 cm in height (14 - 24 inches)
    450 gr/m2

    These are at 28" after only 18 days of Blooming
    internodal lengths are tight .... growth has been steady at 3/4"-1" per day for a good 2 weeks.

    What should I be expecting (height and weight)

    Are these gonna *Pop* the last several weeks as I've been reading?

    Should I raise the ceiling?

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  2. hi they look so cool hope mine end up like that.
  3. Thanks eoghan .... they're still *stretching*.... so I've been told and that's not a good thing it seems.

    Anybody know if I can stop this .... at this point.

    Did some homework and found a supplement that discourages stretching but i don't believe it can be used after the fact.

  4. the prob is that it isnt near enough to the light

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