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  1. I am the patriot because I know a true patriot is always ready to stand up against his own government. It is unfortunate that we have to do this but when we have dishonesty and corruption running through our government at all levels and when they make their highest priority prohibition, then we must make a stand and teach others why this is wrong. I was recently voted to the executive of the local chapter of the Libertarian Party. I know I have a way of being blunt, sarcastic and usually abrasive, but since they don't play games, neither do I. I would really like to see a political forum on this site. So far, it looks pretty good.
  2. HIGH patriot! welcome to the CITY!! :smoking:
  3. Hey patriot, welcome to the city!
    I think a political forum might be a good idea, check it out w/ the moderators of the city, they might go for it!
    I get all my political debates out of my system with my father, which is not always the best experience but I'd be curious to see what goes on in there :)
    hope to see you stick around

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