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  1. Whatsup everyone? I'm new to the forum.... been reading a couple of weeks and decides to start posting today. Its sweet there is a whole community of people that care talk about share experiences of the herb together! But I have been smokin for a couple years now..... a lot more recently. I'm 19 and from the cincinnati Ohio area. I'm a huge Bob Marley fan. Just started buying more often and have some questions about my green. I'm going to go pick up a twenty sack in a little and will post pictures of it later tonight. Its not that I feel like I'm getting ripped off because I get stoned and thats what its all about right? I think maybe I don't get much quantity for twenty dollars and the look of the bud is not that great, but it doesn't smell "earthy" as the guide puts it. It actually smells like pretty good bud. But thats all, sorry to right a novel! Thanks everyone! See ya around.

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