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  1. Howdy ya'll. I'm kinda new at this game. First and foremost I have to say that I don't smoke. It's wasted on me. A couple of hits and I am snoring. Go ahead, call me a lightweight LOL.
    I have friends that do grow(I live in the interior of BC...everybody grows here LOL) and thought that if they ran into trouble I could help them out by posting their questions in here since none of my friends are net friendly.
    I am hoping to get some pointers and have some fun here too. Just hope that I don't piss too many of you off.
  2. [​IMG]
    Welcome to Grasscity! Sounds like you have friends I wish I had. It's a good group here, I think you'll like it.[​IMG]
  3. welcome this place is mellow. we don't bite too often ;)
  4. Thanks for the welcome aero and stony.
    Amanita, I am surprised at you. Folks here may get the wrong(right) idea about us :p
    As for the first snow thang...well...some of us know better...don't we heh
  5. amanita: you know if the kids at yahooka were here you would get a million PMs asking if thats you and to email them more. lol

  6. Heh, that's how Amanita and I got to know each other wasn't it? Now I really wish you would stop asking me for more nude pix of's embarassing :p

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