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  1. Hello everyone! I am Ricky. And I would show you my pipe, and water bong. But! My phone is deciding to be a piece of shit. How are you all?
  2. Welcome to the city! Where you from?
  3. Houston Texas, how about yourself?
  4. Cool! I went down there last winter, and was amazed how big of a city it was. The weather seemed crazy though. The first night was 75 degrees and the next day it was 45. haha But awesome city. Do you like it there? And i'm from Omaha Nebraska. Nothing special haha.
  5. Man, I'm going to be honest, stoned and all. Houston is quiet a beautiful place. I love it here, ya the weather is crazy, it has its ups and downs. But very nice place, very peaceful in some pars.
  6. I only stayed in the downtown area, so i didnt get to see a lot. Do you ever drive down to Galveston and smoke on the ocean? hahah
  7. Yes! I do it a'lot, I got a place in galveston, right on the beach.

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