Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. you get back at a mate whos been spreding really but untrue shit about me to EVERY1 i know?

    im annoyed but as im a peaceful buy i let all his insults build up but hes crossed the line i need one hell of a practical joke to play on him(very stonerish get back lol), prefereably one that'll make him look like a fool all day lol
  2. what a great idea :D, i'll give him a bag with an anvil in it and tell him its a parachute lol :p
  3. yeah do as told say's and pay a girl to start the rumor, like they do in American out............Sid

    eithert that or a very strong
  4. sticka can of shaving cream in the freezer for a day and let it freeze real good.....when its done cut the top off and leave it in his car. When it thaws booooyaaaa very very messy, he may have to junk the car.

  5. never heard that one before, how what happens when the can thaws?.......Peace out........Sid
  6. the shaving cream comes out all at once.....filling a good portion of the car with foamy, hard to clean shaving cream.
  7. cool......i'll need to remember that that i'd ever do anything like's that tin of shaving cream? out.......Sid
  8. just remember to use foam and not gel

    another good one in the summer is to put bologna on the hood on someones car on a hot day...after about an hour it will leave perfect paintless circles
  9. i like the pay a girl idea, what this about a rumor tho? :p

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