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how you smoke oil thread

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jonster, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. does anyone know a great way to smoke oil to cool the smoke down so you can take large hoots, i've got a torch and knives but it delivers hot smoke, also a bong but with no ash ( this method over anything ) , i'd lace a joint but no weed, does ne1 know a good way to smoke oil ?
  2. oil wtf? what kind of oil jonster?

    Why would you smoke oil by itself?
  3. marijuana dumbass...
  4. You got any stems laying around? Just pack a bong bowl with a stem clump at the bottom.. sort of "create a base" and try putting oil in there
  5. yah well i do have stems, but yeh ok ill try that...
  6. jonster, first off I am not a dumbass. Ok so i've never heard of smoking "marijuana oil", (which you didnt mention in your 1st post) in my many years of smoking. I was curious to what you would use as the oil base, etc. You really dont need to be that snide and hostile.
  7. yup i apologize, sorry never read second part, but i thought u were a newb.
  8. Roll a blunt and rub oil along the whole thing on the outside, let dry.
  9. Drip it onto a cigarette

  10. I'd do that. Or soak it and let it dry.
  11. u dont know how to smoke oil, this would just not simply work, didn't you mean inside the rollie???
  12. this is what i would do, roll some piff up in a vanilla dutch and coat the outside of the inner leaf in oil and the inside of the outer leaf and roll it up.
  13. I personally hate weed oil (most of the time it won't get you high). It's kind of a waste of money. Hash oil is better (the lighter the color the better). I don't know how thick your oil is, but if it was as thick as the hash oil I smoked then you stick a hair pin in the oil's container, you get a glob of the oil on it and put a flame to it. The oil will become more liquidy and drip onto any surface you want it on (i.e on a cig, in a joint, on top of a bowl of weed, ect...). There's other ways of smoking it, but these are the easiest and they work well.

    P.S. I should say compared to good hash oil it won't get you that high. LOL

  14. dont listen to him, oil is oil.
  15. nah nah guys, i know im very experienced when it comes to this, oil in it's form is terribly bad for you and even when you think all the iso is out it's not your still smokin chemicals and this can get you very high, not very clean high though. im only smoking oil once in a blue moon, it's bad bad shit for you if you ask me, oil has gotten me higher then alot of hashes, and vice versa, i say you can make just as potent shit either way. hash is cleaner though, mmmmmm bubble hash, sooooo goood.
  16. Hash oil and simply extracted oil is extremely different.. Hash oil is fuckin lovely
  17. Having used hash oil I can say it's ten times better then anything I've ever smoked. A few drops in a bowl of weed will get you blazed out of your mind. Kind of like the first time you got high. Oil isn't all same. Don't listen to this mofo. Hash oil and weed oil are not the same in terms of concentration and how high you get. Overall hash oil is a great value if you can find it or make it. You can get a good deal of mileage out of it. Thats if you use it correctly and don't mindlessly waste it all (just a few drops is all that it takes). I smoked lower quality hash oil (darker in color) and I was toasted. The guy I pick up from smoked me up with it (and several of my friends have bought it in the past). Hash oil comes in various colors ranging from Black tar (low grade), to honey (midgrade and the most common), to a clearish yellow (high grade and very rare). The street name for it is sometimes called honey because the honey colored on is the most common. I smoked something in between a honey color and a tarish color (it was a darker brown). A word for the wise hash oil never comes in blackish green or dark green. If you can find clearer colored hash oil you'll be in for a treat. Most people that have smoked hash oil spit on weed oil (once again I'm not saying it's bad, but it's not as good as hash oil). If you don't believe me do some online research or ask around and pick some up. It's highly recommended by me.

    P.S. it tastes like total burnt ass when you smoke it in a bowl full of weed.

    Edit I just saw your link it says the same thing I wrote. Even on that description on that sight it said Hash oil was made from X pound of marijuana and then was turned to X ounces of Hash. Then a...was used to make hash oil.
  18. ive never seen/used oil, but rub it onto a rolling paper and stick that in a bowl? im sure if you coated enough of it it would work, but i dont really know since i have no personal experiance

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