How would you train these plants?

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  1. I have six plants that are about three weeks old and I also have some new starts in red cups. Eventually I want to put 10-12 plants total in my tent. 6 on each side
    The tent is 6.5 feet tall and 6.5 feet wide on both sides.
    I topped them a week ago and now trying to decide whether if I want to use a scrog techique or just let them grow without it
    I will add 4 more HLG100s or similar quantum boards by the time they are ready to flower. Thinking about vegging them for 2-3 months. (3 months on older girls and 2 months for the new starts in red cups)

    What you guys think?

    E2FD296F-56DE-4A51-A816-D3420A52A96F.jpeg 8175B68F-91F3-4C1A-BDEE-C99E70D33070.jpeg D81CA5F2-385E-4455-AC94-FFC0A0D5D282.jpeg 81914883-FEC3-4BA1-9F1A-CF59CD722ECE.jpeg 5080B8DA-37FC-43A5-98E5-A5DA8C1A3DDB.jpeg 1CE692AF-8ECF-43CF-9202-3DCA6EAB2401.jpeg 0B7CB28C-E7F2-457B-8054-66A25EE33343.jpeg 93B15FA9-7193-41E5-8A37-8A0267AE4573.jpeg 7C9EABCC-15D1-4096-BEBB-846C33188427.jpeg
  2. your plants look great so far, keep us posted
  3. thanks man
    you think I have enough space to grow 12 in there?

    Six and six on either side
  4. u could get 120 in ther, but its the size that matters (ik thats what she said)
  5. I topped my plants twice and threw them into flower and this is the size of them now, they are in 1 gal containers

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  6. The one in the back only got topped once that is why it only has 2 stems and stretched way the f out

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