How would you spend 1500$?

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  1. Okay aside from my other question on how to clean my other glass piece, I am actually coming into some money as of the new year and really don't know what to spend it on. I want all of you who read to tell me what would be the best way to spend 1500$ on a bong. I am in Canada, Ontario. Few headshops around but nothing promising so far. Has to be glass, of course. So it has to be shippable to Canada or at least redirected through the US.

    What combination would you do? Don't skimp. I want to see what real money is worth. Doesn't have to have percs in chamber but I do like them. If you get 2-3 you get bonus points. Id rather classy more then fancy(Just my ash catches are liked fancy). I also like my RooR's. Also if you have some cash left over from your idea, if you can afford it I wouldn't mind a very clean way to burn my thc. Glow rods, heating rods.. Whats the best way to burn it?

    Any ideas, thoughts, or just input would be nice too.

    Any full thought out ideas, prices.. links, who knows what you will send but PM me with them if you can't post links here.

    If I buy it I will take pics and milk vids from a huge sesh ill have buddies over for. Smoke an ounce at least, no less.

  2. why don't you do the research yourself.
  3. Just because I could go finding a unit does not mean some of you have much better ideas. Why you being a buzz kill?
  4. Oh my godddd. I'd go to the Goodtimes and buy their custom inline bong, it's $1200 but the dude told me he'd do it for $700. You'd shit your pants if you saw it, it's amazing.
  5. I can buy from any store that would ship so I could get it.. Wouldn't mind seeing it if it as killah as you say bro =]
  6. I dont know your personal income or how much money you have but i would never spend 1500$ on a bong, but alot of weed on the other hand is a different story
  7. That sounds like its marked up like crazy if a guy is willing to drop about %40 off of the price.
  8. I wouldnt spend it ALL! You are crazy if you do that. I would take a couple hundred(2-4) out and put the rest in the bank. Then go get a Roor or some other well known brand sold in canada.

    Go for beeline. Soldering irons and glow rods are a pain in the ass. One requires an open flame and hot glass being waved around. And the other requires an outlet at all times, and is also potential for burning yourself/something/one else. Beeline is just a beeswax covered organic hemp wick that you light with a lighter/candle watever, and then use that string to light your bowls.
  9. 600 -> Volcano 900 -> qp of dank

  10. Nah the owner hooks it up SOO hard.

    I was there yesterday with my friend who brought $300 to buy a new heady bub. We asked a dude who worked their about this one bub and it was $650 (looked like it could have been more) and he said he could do i for 550. The owner came over and stared at it for like 2 minutes then told us he'd do it for $250, needless to say my friend copped it. We're all good customers so he usually hooks it up.

    And I'll see if I can get a pic of it OP!! I should have taken one yesterday smh, its so FUCKING cool I can't explain it. It looks like toro artwork x 10. It's in its own glass case on a spinning pedestal lmao
  11. haha easy, easy. I have lots of bud. Don't worry. I just have a load of money I really did not know I was coming into. Just one nice, very tight set up would be amazing. I am personally looking right now just I have to say that price is no issue. =]
  12. Sounds tight haha. Do it up killah
  13. Buy a nice Sovereignty Glass tube... something gridded... or a Toro circ/circ or disc/circ.

    To be honest though, I would only spend a third of that on glass. If I were you I'd probably pick up an Itza 8/8 bubbler and a nice heady slide to go with it... maybe a Salt, Opas or a Marbleslinger Assault girl.
  14. If your willin to drop 1500 on a piece, invest in a volcano vaporizer and a nice RooR if you wanted some glass as well. Also buy accessories so you dont have to go back and get more bags or something if you need them for the vaporizer. Pick up a nice ounce of dank with that and you got yourself one hellova day...
  15. If you've got that kind of cash I wouldn't recommend a RooR. There are so many other tubes that provide special functionality as well as solid craftsmanship and aesthetics.

  16. even then you would spend less thaen 1000, but come close to it. This is a nice simple idea if you want plain old value for your money.
  17. Go online, find a glass maker then is near you! Go in, describe anything everything you desire in a glass piece, bong, bubbler, etc, colors! And then pay them...
  18. Ha ha.... if it was that easy. Not everyone lives in Colorado and has excellent blowers willing to do customs everywhere. Lucky you...
  19. I would find a way to invest it to make MORE MONEY instead of wasting it.

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