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  1. How would you feel if you knew thee exact day time and year you were going to die and you decide to all thee crazy shit you always wanted to do but died doing thee shit before you're actually death date.
    I'd be pretty fucked up like damn couldnt even do all thee other shit I wanted to do
  2. I'd love to know man, im not scared of dying
  3. If you knew when you were gonna die, then how could you change it?

    Isn't that kinda like a paradox, like if you knew you were going to die then you'd probably do whatever you can to change it. Unless it was something completely out of your control, you can never know when you'll die.

    Whatever, I'm baked.
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    It's just a random question lol you made it seem all difficult
  5. I'd like to know when I'm going to die.

    I'd like to see it coming and die with my eyes open just to see life fade away........
  6. What would happen if you knew the exact moment you were going to die and then you killed yourself the day before? Would that cause a paradox that would rip the universe in half?

  7. I'll gonna give Dr. Brown a call find out. He might be out in his new Delorean though......
  8. i dont have to think about it because i wont die like you puny humans
  9. Why is it people under 30 always wonder this question?..........
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    You never not once wondered this question?

  11. Of course I have. Once you past 30 you start living out all the dreams and stop wondering how it would feel to not be able live them out.
  12. I would immediately shoot myself in the face just to tempt fate.
  13. There are 2 responses to this.

    1. Your death is attributed to you trying to extend your life by doing stuff that might has a less likely probability of you dying, but actually fucking you over.

    2. You go about your life as normal and then BAM. Blink of an eye stuff happens.


    I'd like to know when and why. That way i can do some seriously dumb insanity shit and be like, bet I'll live.
  14. I would hate to know when i was going to die.

  15. I always said I wish I could have known how I was gonna die, but after I died I was fucking glad I didn't know in the past how I was gonna die. Feel me?
    Haha Jk but yeah no I don't wanna know, live fast die young..
  16. If I knew when, where, and most importantly, HOW I'm going to die, then...

    I'll buy the insurance pacakge that I can make the most money on.

    Like, if I knew I was going to die from cancer, than I'll get the 'cancer insurance'.

    If I knew I was going to die in a car crash, then I'll buy the 'maximum accident insurance'

    So on and so forth.

    I might as well make some money from this.

  17. What would be the point if you were dead though?
  18. Give the money from insurance to your family in your will.
  19. If you supposedly knew the day you were to die but then it happened a a different day you never really knew did you?
  20. Say im going to die April 6th 2045 in a car accident.

    If thats when im going to die, does that mean nothing can kill me before that date?

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