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How would you deal with pot around your kids?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sad Panda, Nov 7, 2003.


Which is most like what you would do? (Post other responses in thread)

  1. I'd completely avoid the topic, and would punish them if I caught them.

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  2. I'd give vague replies about my pot use, and scold them if I caught them.

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  3. I'd tell 'em everything they wanted to know, and would let them smoke at a certain age.

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  4. I'd make sure they toked up before they fucking left daycare.

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  1. I'm seriously curious as to what I would do. I wanted to see what my fellow Cityzens thought.
  2. I give my kids the facts.. All the true facts..

    The good and the bad...

    The laws view on pot and why they are not always right..

    Always tell the truth!!!!!!
  3. i plan on raising my kids around it...i plan on letting them smoke if they want to when they get old enough...if i have kids at all...i dunno bout that yet...still more than a little iffy on that subject...but we'll see in 5 years :)
  4. I believe in not letting your kids know you smoke pot until they're around 16 or 17. Then letting them when they turn 18, and are at least considered an adult in the US.

  5. exactly what id do...if they want to try it at a certain age (wat ever u feel is right...) let them...thats what my mom did...and ever since then i think we got along better...we still smoke together...

  6. I agree with you mostly. but I'd decide when they're adult (which most times IS 18, but there are exceptions)
  7. ohh yea....dont avoid the topic and punish them....its pointless cuz there gonna smoke if they want too...its not gonna stop them...ur just gonna stop them from smoking from the point u punish them till there off of punishment, but as soon as there off there just gonna go back to smoking if they like it... (thats my opinon)
  8. I'd tell them everything I know about it and not hide it from them....I don't think it's wrong, so why should I give them the impression that it is?
  9. I got a friend who smokes around his daughter 24/7. She's 8 years old, so it bothers me a little. But the other day, she found a joint in the closet, and knew that daddy was dry, so she saved it for him. From a pothead perspective, that got a 'Right on, that's awesome!" from me, but from anyone else, that's disturbing child-protective-services type shit.

  10. Hmm...I agree. 8 is way too young.

  11. i also agree on that one...8 damn thats really young...
  12. She doesn't smoke...he just smokes in front of her.
  13. If I have kids I wont smoke around them, and will probably avoid the subject when there younger, for one reson in particular, kids tend to talk to there friends and friends talk to there parents, what if a friends parent phones up child services? Just not worth the risk imo but when they are all growed up I will be cool about it, tell them and let them choose.
  14. I don't think it's wrong, so why should I give them the impression that it is?

    I couldn't have said it better myself.
  15. There's no 'exactly' right answere for this. Way back in the day I knew a couple who didn't hide it from thier daughter and a couple who did. Now that the kids all grown up having kids of thier own, I can see the effects but it wasn't all just from them smoking around them. Usually if you have a good relationship with your kids they will know you do even if it's not right in front of them. My boys know and they give me shit about it once in a while. They also know I DO NOT want them doin it until they are 18 - on thier own and ready to deal with the consequences. I can't afford to bail my own ass outta jail pay fines etc. for myself. The boys need to do the best they can right now in school and as 'the chef' says save the partyin' for college or better yet after they get really good jobs!!!!

  16. But you're not giving them the impression that it's right either. School and the media will take care of giving them the impression that it's wrong.
  17. imma do what my parents did...tell them about it around 12 (my dad told me when i was like 10 that he did it) and then around 16-17 let them do it on their own if they want

  18. i totally agree
    but i'd also tell them not to let it get in the way of their life
    i.e. school, work, and also pay your bills before you buy that oz. lol
  19. I smoke so I don't see any reason why I wouldn't let my kids. As long as they don't drop out of school and completely fuck their life up I wouldn't have a problem. I hate it when parents who smoked when they were young tell their kids not to smoke, it's like they can do it but their kids can't, it doesn't seem right.

    Now when it comes to other, stronger drugs, I'll put my foot down, but if they just smoke weed I wouldn't have a problem because I do it now.
  20. i don't think that you should smkoe around your kids. not in the house anyways.

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