How would General Humanity react to First Contact?

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  1. Ok, so the other day i was having a conversation with my brother about ET's landing and making contact.

    He summed up their technology advancement into terms of comparing a ant hill to a 8 lane super highway.

    Humans are the ant hill.

    Pretty much what this means is that even if they did try and share their tech with us when they made contact, that we would have no possible way on comphrending (sp) it.

    We then switched lanes a bit and got on the subject of how would Humans react to first contact.

    I told him i was almost positive that humans would be pleasant for a little while, as we take time to understand their tech and perfect it for ourselves. We then would proceed to attempt (keyword) annihilate the ET's seeing as how humans generally think they should be top dog.

    Then he started to talk about how the ET's might be able to "sense" into our thoughts and predict what we might try and do.

    What are everyone's thoughts?

    How would humans react to First Contact?

    Would we try and destroy the ET's after harnessing their tech?

    Would the ET's have some form of knowing about our plans?
  2. I agree

    I feel like we'd just turn to violence after we harnessed their technology....well not really "we" but the people in charge.

    But on the other hand, the ET's could be volatile
  3. i think the ET's made us, and have been observing us for a long time. when they come, they will come prepared. and on a mission
  4. maybe they're so advanced that they can implant the skills/knowledge in our minds so we will be able to understand and use there tech :p.
  5. I think it depends on the ET's capabilities. Assuming the ant-highway metaphor is true, and that they cannot sense our thoughts or intentions.. I'd say there would be a minority of people who would freak out and retaliate without researching it out of pure fear. The majority would be in awe of them, and place them high up on a pedestal. ET's would become 'god' for a lot of people. I don't think the majority would be stupid enough to launch or prepare for a full scale attack against them. Yes, plans would be made to defend ourselves to the best of our ability if the need arose, but I'm pretty sure that would be a last resort; we would never stand a chance anyway. Perhaps they could teach us as a general population on how to foster healthier relationships and mindsets, negating most of the negativity in the world. That's a hopeful stretch, though; intelligence in no way guarantees spiritual contentment, which may actually be a foreign concept to them. If they were willing to share their technology with us, you can bet they would have millions of willing students. I can't imagine they'd charge anything, for if they have the capability of space travel, what would they need from us? Possibly resources, but if that were the case it would turn into general enslavement. I guess my answer would stay the same even if they could sense our thoughts.

  6. This is very true.

    But for the sake of the thread we should assume they are making peaceful contact.
  7. We'd probably react with violence. Either that or we'd expect them to solve all of our problems for us.

    If they don't come in peace then I imagine it wouldn't matter much what our reaction is given the great technological disparity.
  8. Its impossible to say. Are these aliens here with peaceful intentions or hostile? Does their coming here threaten us in any way as they may introduce something innocent that our bodies cannot handle? Assuming everything is fine and dandy, there is also the problem of whos reaction are we talking about? General citizens, the American Govt, Nato, dogs, its impossible. And what if they went straight to Mexico, or somewhere in Africa, do you think the US would allow that kind of thing to go on without their supervision or say so? In general I think the majority would freak, because we fear what we don't understand. At the same time a lot of people already assume there is intelligent life out there, so if they are not harming us there will be a group that is fine with it, and I assume they will have little say anyway.

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    People would be afraid of the aliens.

    Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

  10. ^^^^^
  11. While humanity is prone to violence I think we'd be a little smarter than to just open fire on an entity that we know to be superior, unless we are being pushed up against a wall. Otherwise I figure it'd be more like holding our breath and praying they just leave so we can resume our lives as normally as possible. While you and me love to oogle over what it'd be like, I'm sure the both of us would be shitting our pants the moment we realize our human intelligence is dwarfed in comparison.

    I've seen this in so many god damn alien movies and it really pisses me off. An alien would probably be so much different in anatomy that they wouldn't even be able to be exposed to our atmosphere or able to "sense" our thoughts in any sense. I'm sick of seeing these naked, mind-reading BEASTS that we pass as aliens. Where are all my clothed, cultural, intellectual aliens?

    Sounds like you or your brother have been watching Falling Skies.

    [Looks at signature] Pft, that's my line.

  12. Sounds like some ones mad bro.

  13. Then you aren't getting my tone, not mad at all besides expressing frustration at how consistently Hollywood depicts aliens. If you think I'm heated towards you at all, then you are mistaken lol.
  14. Have you ever heard of the "Battle of Los Angeles" not the movie, the real event? We were "not smart enough to not just open fire" on this false alarm, which makes me believe that a shoot first ask questions later scenario would be the reaction by our govt, since history has a tendency to repeat itself, over, and over, and over, and....
  15. Well, if they have came, government is hiding them for a reason.

    The general public is pretty darn ignorant, and honestly can't handle the truth. I think maybe iit will be built up. IDK

    I just see the world acting in a bad manner.
  16. simultaneously:

    "kill it before it kills us!"

    "run! hide!"

    *such in total shock that all thought is extinguished by overwhelming emotion*

    "want a joint man?"

    "our saviors!"

    "i want to excited.. but.. i just dont know yet"
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    Well lets look at that event in the context of when it happened. Just three months prior to that event we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. Then we see a craft of unknown origin hovering over the biggest city on the shore of the pacific. First thought -> Japanese. Of course we opened fire on that thing. In the event that an alien presence makes itself known world wide, I don't think we would react the same since the circumstances would be drastically different than that in the "Battle of L.A."
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    So what do you think would happen in 2011? Now instead of Japan, we are at war with basically the entire world, as well as vilified anyone resembling a terrorist, which coincidentally ends up being any human who is against what the US says. Times are just as chaotic now, and you think level heads will prevail?

    The only reason I don't believe we would attack them accidentally is is because if they exist, I am confident our Govt already has information on them that they aren't sharing .
  19. Best way? I'd say launch fireworks in bright, big, and colorful explosions.

  20. Absolutely Not. Times are not just as chaotic now as they were then. Maybe if we are talking about first couple months after 9/11, but 2011 pails to the tension we faced in the months following devastating homeland attacks. If anything, I think we would be WAY more cautious about igniting a war GIVEN the amount we are fighting now. Our resources are incredibly stretched as is.

    That's a weird thing to be confident about. Suspicious maybe, but confident? I don't see what warrants that.

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