how will this work

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  1. i plan on using this type setup to start my closet grow, first time grow.

    4x - 23w (100w equiv.) soft-white CFLs (2700K)
    4x - 26w (150w equiv.) day-light CFLs (6500K)
    1x - 15w 5.0 UVB fluorescent tube light

    how many plants could i possibly grow with that?
    ill have some pics up when i get it all in there nice.
  2. For veg, you could do 3 plants no problem, but for flowering, it's only enough for one plant.
  3. Nah you could get 2 healthy bushes flowered under that. Just LST them tight, keep the lights close, and try to share as much light as you can between the two. Put 3 or 4 lights right between the plants so they both share the same bulbs, just make sure you've got no dark spots on the outside. Oh and be sure to turn the UV off when you go in there!
  4. alright so ive actually got
    6x 23w (100w. equiv.) soft-white CFLs (2700k)
    2x 26w (100w. equiv.) day-light CFLs (6500k)
    1x - 15w 5.0 UVB fluorescent tube light

    growing 3 sprouts at the moment
    im going to get some more of the day-light CFLs soon and put some aluminum foil on the walls.

    is there a thread on the forum where i can learn how to LST?
  5. what you talking about he can have both specs on all plants.
  6. From personal experience, and I've completed 4 grows with CFLs, there's a significant increase in yield with using more 2700k lights for flowering. At least 100 watts per plant.

    Now he's got 6x 23watts, which will probably do fine for two plants, although I personally would use more.

    That's just what I recommend, I'm not writing the rules.

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