How well is your vision?

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  1. mine? not so good. got my first pair of glasses in 4th grade i think. now my vision is -5.50. probably -6 right now since i haven't gone in for an eye exam in a year. i envy the 20/20 folks. but i don't think i'll ever do lasik until they fix out all the kinks. i heard some awful stories.

    anyways folks with glasses - stylish ones or regular? or you just don't give a fuck about your glasses.

    i only really wear my glasses when im at home and other than that.. colour contacts from south america. (they have the prettiest colours!)

    so how well is your vision blades?!
  2. I didnt know until recently that my vision sucks ass. I got simple, thin, black frames. I really cant stand those thick black frames that are soooo cool right now. They make you look like a pompous me anyway.

    Fuck, dont even get me started on BIIIGGG sunglasses the girls wear now. Retarded
  3. Ive had 20/10 vision since middle school
  4. left eye is -.75, right is -.25. I wear glassess when I can bother to put em on, contacts too every now and then, although its not really needed.
  5. I just have annoying vision. Everything's a little fuzzy, but you get used to it. It's only when I put on my friends glasses do I realize what I'm missing.

    I wonder what the difference would be when you were tripping if you had really bad vision and you took your glasses on and off...
  6. -5.00 Right, -5.25 Left.

    I hate needing vision aides.
  7. 20/15 vision in both eyes ^_^b
  8. haha i gots stylish glasses. just cause they were cheap at costco but d&g frames for 99 bucks?! hell yeah i'll pay for that. haha it's just the lenses itself that are killer on the wallet. mine are kind of thin frames that are red. it makes me look.. artsy.
  9. I usually wear my Acuvue advance contacts because I'm usually too lazy to take em out (yeah I know it's bad.).

    I just have some pair of cheap glasses, but I hate wearing them because I have no peripheral vision in them.
  10. 20/20 i couldn't imagine having to have glasses
  11. 20/15 son

    vision FTW
  12. 20/10 and loving it.

    my hearing is up to shit, though.
  13. its shitty

    -4.0 right, -4.25 left

    if i don't have my contacts in i can't read any regular text from any distance
  14. I have 20/10 in my left eye and 20/15 in my right eye. All thanks to playing FPS... used to be a dead even 20/20.
  15. FPS really do kill your vision, to much happening in certian spots of your eye I think.

    I got 20/15 in both.
  16. vision isnt to bad i use it to see the board in school, or the TV at home getting contacts soon
  17. my vision is very poor, but i don't wear glasses. i have some glasses that i got in like 5th grade that i have to wear when i'm driving, but i've gotten worse vision since then. i think i'm gonna buy a pair of wayfarers clear lenses, cause theyre awesome :cool:
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    Haha I thought that was funny cause of your

    I'm 20/20 in both eyes

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