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How well are you known around the city do you think?

Discussion in 'General' started by crazy barstool, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Basically what the title says, how well do you think you are known around the city?
    I'm not new here, i dont think im known fairly well, but im sure a handful of people would recognise my name or avi
  2. the people who know me, know me... i learned to grow on this site..
  3. i think i was better known before i changed my avatar.
  4. I think it rings a bell to a decent amount of people but nothing fancy like the hollywood blades xD

  5. I know you fo sho was it the avatar with george and flag as a mask? something like that
  6. Not at all really ha. Even with the rep. Not that active anymore and my posts are bullshit anyway.

    Not a guy for the long posts.
  7. All my comments are skewed and failed attempt at beong funny. Im probably really popular :)
  8. they know they know they know

  9. Depends what section you're talking about...
  10. Im so unknown you dont even know
  11. Don't want to be popular
  12. Too bad
  13. Nobody knows me, I lurk like a motherfucker

  14. no. this was my avatar.

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  15. I was known as the Hindu Nazi man, then I changed my avatar, and then I did it again, and now its my face.

    I think some people know me. If I changed my avatar back to a swastika, the number would be bigger I'm sure.

  16. Nah if I get popular then people want to smoke with me. I'm trying to stay hidden like turtles.
  17. Im probably not very known

  18. Ah, I remember you!

    Fairly well known, I've been active for a while.
  19. Damn dude you are right. I remember when you had that avatar.

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