how was your friday?

Discussion in 'General' started by just blaze, May 20, 2006.

  1. i was lookin' at this thread and i said i wasn't on shit but i just needed to share how drunk i got last night haha. first i drank 3 beers before leaving, drank a bunch of jamacian rum smoked some blunts. we left and were walkin' and shit a bunch of heads were at this hookah bar, but we went to play some pool again at this pool hall. they don't id you so you can drink underage and shit there, had a couple more beers. drunk as fuck by that point, so i head home early as hell it's like a 20 30min drive back to my house so i got a ride got back in like an hour and see my mom. i ask her if she wants a drink and she makes herself one and i make me a jack and coke. got in a deep talk with my mom. and then my sisters boyfriend comes over, i despised(sp?) that mother fucker but after my sister and my mom went to sleep, it was just me and him drinking and well the only reason i respect him now i don't know why, but the mother fucker got drunk as hell (guess i party too hard:p) so me and my other sister took his keys made him sleep on the couch, she goes to sleep i finish the fifth and head to sleep, i drank the whole bottle of jack -like 8 or 9 shots...
  2. Had a good friday, got some free food, had a nice evening with some girl and still have money and weed left over :), and I was stoned all night :)
  3. ha, that frogs smokin weed......ha.

  4. Of course dude, everyone knows kermit is a smoker. Why do you think he's green:smoking::smoking:
  5. Felt really sick so I stayed in and just caught up on some mind rotting TV.
  6. well...i herd from my friend that his dealer was gettin Ak-47... so he bought a 1/4 for 90 of it and sold it to another kid for 100 so he just went and bought another 1/4 lol.... so he sold me a G of that for 15 while i was in another town for a local dodgeball kids from high school and stuff all go its fun and its hilarious to see kids get really into it and yell and swear lol...but we were in playoffs but lost 2nd round..mehh it was still fun... then i got my G and smoked and stopped by a honey farms for a drink..came bed... just bout high as shit rite now so hopefully that all made sense..

  7. It was so wierd, it absolutly looked like someones earwax.
  8. My friday was pretty killer, i got some Ecstacy and Had some left over mushrooms, so me and my buddy did some E, and me and my buddy ate the mush and we played Halo 2 on his 62" plasma :D
  9. My friday sucked. I have strep throat and nobody wanted to smoke with me. :(
  10. I got extremely stoned off my ass of weed and purple stick salvia.

    It was great. Gravity bongs and a very nice bowl.
  11. sucked iwent to bed early cause i had to work early but im gonna make it up by drinking a couple beers and taking some hits, im dry but i got enough resin to get me lefted havent smoked in like 4 days so it shouldnt take much

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