How was you day I OD

Discussion in 'General' started by Rolling_Stoned, May 17, 2006.

  1. Well this morning I took 20 pills of robitussin gel with 15 mg of dxm each, after that I downed a bottle of robitussin which was about 300mg of dxm. Well I was trippin balls for awhile then I took 10 more pills after this I blacked out and dont rember what happened, but I guess my dad walked in the house and I was pasted out in the hall with my eyes open and pupils where twitching or some shit. I woke up in the hospital with iv's in my arm and all these things strapped to my chest. my heart rate was about 220 when they brought me in when I woke up it was at 127. Well I was there for about 5 hours before they decided I was good to go. They brought out a wheelchair and said they'd wheel me out to a car. To their surprise I stood up took of the shitty hospital clothes put mine on and said "Thanks for the offer doc but im fine", they looked at me funny I laughed and walked out. Well that was my day how was yours?
  2. can't beat that
  3. this is why i love weed so much, you cant kill yourself with it
  4. HA, thats awesome man. Did anyone find out you took Robo? I bet the doc was like "doubleyew tee eff?" haha

    EDIT: haha post 311, and they rock, seeing them this summer, woohoo
  5. This is alot better than the other cant beat my day thread. lol sounds fun
  6. I was fuckin with the doctors when they asked I why my heart rate was so high I said "I just ran here from Cali man you'd be tired to". My dad ripped apart my room and found an empty bottle of robo, told the docs I would never do it again and that was that.
  7. I was runnin from the police whatcha think bitch!
  8. ^haha no shit man!
  9. wow dudde u didnteven take much ive taken well over a gram and thats never happened to me and for my day i just sat back and blazed up
  10. 750mg of dxm. sucks you reacted the way you did. that isnt a level to OD REALLY but maybe your body reacts different. I would be dead 10 times over right now if i reacted the way you did....hmmm

    my day sucked. had class all day and got bitched at by a lot of people..
  11. ahhh, the good ol days of intense dxm trips leading to hospitalizations and villainous behavior:smoke:
  12. how much do you weigh? also i find it difficult to believe that your heart rate was 220 as that's where it gives out. then again, you did say you od'ed.

  13. mine was around 230 from 80 robitussins n i lived, i'm just a fuckin beast though

  14. oh negligent

    but seriously, the good ol' days of too much tussin...gotta love 'em, i never ended up in a hospital...but probably should have once. only once
  15. I've done that before, only it involved 600mg of DXM and some booze. I kept passing out and waking up, only to pass out 30 seconds later. The fucked up shit was, to me, I just kept "waking up" over and over, because I wouldn't remeber that I passed out. So I'd wake up in the cat food bowl, then on on the bathroom floor, then on the table...
  16. Dude you shoudlnt be bragging about almost kiling yourself to get high. Not cool in my opinion.
  17. What'd your dad have to say?
  18. I assume he was worried, since he's spent so much time, money, and sperm makign you who you are today.
  19. you should fake it again. like when you see your dads car pull up, just lay on the floor somewhere and roll your eyes back. then when he comes over just scare the shit out of him.

  20. what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

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