how visible do you think plots are from air?

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  1. can they be seen easily, not at all or what. I would say that putting bush around it to disguise it would be helpful, but will it help enough. It seems like they could stick out, but i dont know - maybe they would have to be looking for them to see them. what do yall think? thanks
  2. For the most part, you could plant a single pot plant in the middle of a field and they'd have a hard time telling what it is. It's a really bad idea to do that because it's still possible, but for the most part the choppers can only see big fields. I suppose if they suspect a grow up in a certain area they might decide to fly a lot lower and might see a few plants, but if you've only got a plant or two next to some other stuff, they'll have a hard time seeing it. What they do see is the big plots. I mean I've been in a low flying helicopter before (it was some tour, it flew really low so you could see buildings and stuff), but even from that height I couldn't make out details about a single plant.

    I dunno, take my post with a grain of salt, I'm not that knowledgable about the choppers and how they do their thing. But common sense would indicate to me that they can't inspect every single plant on the ground from a chopper, so they're probably only able to get plots with a number of plants in them all together.
  3. visible enough to get you arrested. just build an open air circus beside your plot so the pilots will say, "hey, its a circus. lets go over there." im gonna warn you though, the elephants are gonna put a dent in your wallet.

  4. It's not so much the elephants that'll cost you, it's the peanuts.
  5. ah great point.

    good thing clowns are bargain basement these days.
  6. Listen, helecopter pilots are rarely contracted to waste their time looking for plants. They dont just fly around for no reason, they WILL do this if an area is suspected as a grow site. If they have no reason to beleive plants are going there, helecopters are used to do more useful things. Also, normal helecopter pilots dont look for them either, they are focusing on flying. But overall, no one is going to waste their time searching for a single plant, or a few plants even. All they try to spot are large plots of them. You have to understand, time is money for the government and police, they only go after big game. But all of that aside. it's usually only noticed due to it's christmas tree shape, so make it look bushy through pruning, and top your plant, and you can easily hide a few plants if you spread them out well. Hope this helps.

    - Vince
  7. Yeah thats true it reminds me of 'Cheech & Chongs Nice Dreams' movie. When the helicopter blew open one of the tarps and chong was acting like he was swimming LOL.

    All you need is hot chicks dancing on the beach to distract them :cool:
  8. thansk alot fellas

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