How U Get Bud Money

Discussion in 'General' started by PimpinPete420, May 11, 2002.

  1. Hey, Fellow Tokers! Whas Krackin? I just wanted to know how everybody gets their herb money cause just the other day I got caught with my brand new glass piece at school and the principal conphiscated it but at least he was nice enough to not get the popo involved but anyway my mom was pissed and said she isnt giving me money to get food(which i use on bud) and I can't go over to my best friends house which is where I always smoke. please post as many ways as you can think of. and by the way im not old enough to get a job.Peace
  2. I don't have the principal problem, and I work so therfore I have $. But, I do have the police problem, the DSS problem, and the hubby who has a big mouth problem.

  3. I used to do small time dealing...for extra cash and free smoke. But I quit that I usually just save up a while and buy bulk, then keep saving and by the time my stash is run out I have enough for another stash.
  4. I have a idea, do with out :p

  5. work my ass off!!
    sorry man, but eventually in life you gotta buckle down EARN the right to party :D
    hope you become old enough to get a job soon...
  6. I earrrrrrrrrrrrn it!! lol :D: :smoking:
  7. Hi there pete I've been there (well atleast no money that is) from what I can tell your a minor right? Not to threat my friend as I know you can't work yet (unless your 16 or above).
    Here is what you do grab your lawnmower and start knocking on doors it is the weekend so most people should be home ask if they want thier yard cut a good price for a nice yard is around 25-35 dollars big ones be cautious about raisin your price too much you will get declined. By the end of a day you can have an Oz. some munchies something for your cottonmouth, gas to put back into the mower and still pocket money for lunch. Trust me this is a killer way to get cash quick. hope this is what your lookin for.

  8. hay thanks trippie that really helps
  9. here's a tip, if you gonna buy your weed then wait till you got enough cash and buy it in bulk (2-4oz) that way you save a lot of cash, then maybe sell a little bit of that to mates.

  10. Thats what I have been doing for awhile. I buy bulk sell it to your "circle" (circle meaning: close friends that you smoke with excetrid) Then what you have left over smoke and start saving up cash again with your friends and guy another 4 Oz's
  11. yea, but make sure that you dont go crazy and start sellin it to people outside your circle, people then think you are a dealer and after a few weeks you got 13 yr olds turnin up at your house askin for a teenth :)
    stay safe, cover your tracks and your fine :)
  12. I have a easy method of obtaining quick cash.First I buy a oz for 100$ then I go to a near by middle school and make mad money off those little fucks.
  13. i might be gettin a job in a chemists- fingers crossed

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