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how to?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Exlax, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. How can you go about getting medical marijuana? Can you say that you have chronic pain somewhere and then suggest medical marijuana or how does it work? Are there some doctors that just perscribe it if you say that?? Thanks
  2. it depends on where you live and if you really do have real chronic pain.and its a lenghty process usually including specialists recomendations
    the first step would be to suggest to your dr that you may benifit from medical marijuana, if its an option in your state
  3. If your looking to get into marijuana use 'medically' but actually recreationally, you'd probably be disapointed. From what I think, I'm guessing the MJ that doctors prescribe isnt like "Mouwie Wowie" from Half-Baked. Probably some shitty shwag, least amount of THC possible. But I dont know whether you really have a pain or how the MJ really is, it's all speculation to me :O.
  4. Oh buddy.. you're wrong there. I live in the Bay Area and we have the Cannabis Club for medical users. I got some weed off a guy in the Club so it was the stuff they give to patients. It had a bunch of purple and man it was CRAZY. My friend gave it to me and was like "check this out.. pack yourself one fat rip and wait for a few minutes" I was stoned off one hit. One bowl put me away and I was still feeling it till like 4 in the afternoon the next day

  5. Actually the idea is to have the best weed, so we dont have to smoke as much.... :D
  6. highgirly, if u dont mind me asking, what do u use medical mj for? pain?
  7. Yes, you can get it for chronic or severe pain. But there are differnt standards depending on what state you live in. My spouse qualified as she has carpul tunnel and thus has severe pain. We cant be prescribed here but are told to grow our own. That and we arent proactively seekin out the free weed. ~ what the hell is wrong with me. :)
  8. I would check out they have detailed information about state medical marijuana programs. :)

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