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  1. So I saw these seeds(purple kush) and they have auto version. I thought to myself that is the prettiest purple variety I have seen probably. While reading the description it said something about having to cold shock the plants to achieve this color the best. My question is how would 1 achieve this (cold shock) indoor?
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    Watering with cold water at right time, dropping temp at light out last few weeks of flowering but I wouldn’t buy them. You can make fan leaves change color with cooler temps but the buds changing colors should be genetic. I have some lsd-25 auto that has purple buds. I can see the purple already coming in and I don’t go out if my way to make anything cold or cooler then it normally is
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  3. I would think anything true purple would do it on its own as well so thanks for your repkr
  4. Reply lol
  5. Many plants that have that "colorful tinge" in their genetics won't really show off it's true color potential unless it reaches cooler temps in your grow room.....most of the time which comes during lights off, if you aren't running your lights 24/0.

    That doesn't mean you HAVE to or even SHOULD "bring the temps down" for the color....
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