How to ventilate tent?

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  1. Been doing a lot of research and can't really find any specific kind of way to vent a grow tent. The tents measurements are 4 x 8 x 6.5 and basically what I need to know is how many exhaust fans will I need. Keep in mind that my lights have 6 inch fittings on them for ducting. So if I use 8 inch fans i will have to use fittings to convert it for my lights. I want a carbon filter and there will be 2 x 1000 watt lights. How big/many and how much cfm will I need to keep this thing vented properly?
    And on a side note. Should exhaust be ran 24 hours? Or just turned down a lot for light off period? 

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    Grow lights / inline duct fans are all pretty standard 6 inch conection , if u look at a few journals you'll notice most tents have a carbon filter >inline fan >air cooled hood > exhaust setup
    I got all for 200 where I live in bc ,
    Or Amazon has functional kits for a reasonable price . I run my ventalation jus during lights on during veg then 18+ hrs when flower
  3. Scrubber top left >inline fan > cooled hood > exhaust
  4. Picture didn't post first time I hope this works

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    what I had planned originally was to have three 6 inch 500 cfm inlines. 1 for intake from outside. 1 for the carbon filter. and one for the lights. The lights would pull air from the room and exhaust in another room. The filter would be exhausted into another room and the intake would be from underneath the house for fresh air. It seems pretty accurate to me but someone suggested that i upgrade to 8 inch fans so I started this thread to find out whats going to be best.
  6. Yea man I'm by no meens an expert in the matter , that sounds like a lot of fan power to start tho. I'm really interested in seeing where you go with this I all keep an eye out if u plan of posting more

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