how to vaporize thick oil....

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by miker2017, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. ok so i am wondering how to vaporize oil... i bot a syringe of 75% the cannabis oil and not sure how to vaporize it most easily

    is there a pen i can load this oil into the cartridge of? its very black thick oil.. its very sticky and doesn't seem like it would be feasible to load it bit by bit like you would for shatter or something onto a coil

    ideally i would like to load it into a cartridge like i have seen done with distillates and then use it as needed without having to refill all the time but i don't know if that is feasible with this very thick oil

  2. You sure you're supposed to smoke it! RSO and Pheonic Tears are super potent edible oils. Literally a small pea sized amount can be waaaaay to much for most users. They are very dark, almost black looking. Where as wax and hash oil concentrates meant for smoking are usually lighter in color. Post a picture of what you have and maybe we can help you out. Any paper work or labels would help as well.
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  3. thanks for the reply... you might be right that its not for smoking... it came with no paperwork at all its very dark, almost black and it tastes very oily... i did eat a tiny bit of it and it did get my totally messed up but was wondering if it was possible to vape it

    on the syringe it says "BD" but thats prolly just the manufacturer of the syringe itself

    i think u r right it might be a rso oil... the body high when i ate it was amazing so i was wondering if it could be vaporized also
  4. I wouldn't vape it. If it was processed for eating then it's got all sorts of shit like cellulose in it that isn't good to smoke or vape. So no, don't do it. What you have there is pretty awesome so use it as designed.

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