How To Vape Indoors With Little To No Odor

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by bdeslaur, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone.

    I'm in a bit of a predicament when it comes to my vaping. My parents don't want me vaping in the house because of the smell, even though I tell them that the smell dissipates quickly.

    Is there a way to vape and get rid of the smell in a timely fashion? I hate having to go out into my 0 degree garage just to vape. Maybe I just have to suck it up, but I thought I'd ask.
  2. You should buy a smoke buddy then never worry about odour again.

    Happy vaping :)
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  3. You should respect your parents' wishes or get your own place
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  4. Make a deal with your parents. Everytime you vape, they get to blow a nasty fart in your face. Deal?
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  5. Vape in your car
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  6. Well my best advice is to suck it up and go outside. It sucks, but it's always best to respect your parents' wishes. My less best advice is to vape unflavored liquid. And if you vape a high PG mix, there will be a lot less vapor too. It has a mild odor, but nothing like a flavored vape. As far as the flavor goes, I actually think unflavored vape juice tastes more like tobacco (unburnt tobacco) than most tobacco flavors.
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  7. The best way to smoke inside your house is to purchase a smoke buddy. They eliminate most of the odor when exhaling into the piece. This plus a fan on will be nothing. If you don't want to go out and get one, you can always make a sploof. A sploof+window+fan will be pretty decent

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  8. carbon filter tube, coco coir etc...
  9. Thanks for all your replies! I'll just suck it up and vape in my cold ass garage. Haha :)
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  10. I visited the north in the winter and the da vinci vape I had did not do to well in the colder weather... extraction will be lessened the colder the ambient environment surrounding the vape gets..
  11. When I'm toking stealthily i use some cold war era gas mask filters, can get them at a local military surplus store for less then 5€ a piece and these last almost forever! They are a bit bigger than a smoke buddy so i guess that makes sense.
  12. I have to do the same. My wife doesn't mind that I use marijuana, she just hates the smell. So I vape outside. If it is really cold or raining, I stand in the utility closet.
    Before anyone chimes in about where my balls are, you obviously don't have a wife/or are in a relationship. A happy wife is a happy me.
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  13. If you're blowing your vapor anywhere with even half-decent airflow, I doubt they'd even smell it. The vents of your house AC system, let alone an open window, would dilute the air enough to where they shouldn't be able to smell it. Really, I'd make sure your stash isn't what's being smelled. If you've just got an ounce in a Ziploc bag next to your TV, a smoke buddy will just make you feel considerate. Keeping your vape clean will help avoid being smelled as well.

    But if I were you I'd just vape outside. Blowing it out a window would work, but vaping in your garage is the way to go I'd say.
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  14. My boyfriend is in the military and doesn't want to be around me smoking. I smoke in the bathroom using a vape pen and a smoke buddy. Every blue moon I'll break the pipe out and get a few hits with the shower running. I burn some candles after, literally no smell at all.
    Or I use my car!
    It's honestly easy to be stealthy if you're vaping. It's the joints/blunts/pipes/bongs that are harder to hide.

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