How to use ONA properly to eliminate the odor completely?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by soflakid, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. im assuming yourea talking about the ONA bucket? 1 plant is bare minumum so im sure that will work. also depending on the size of container/fan/holes in the container. that is if youre talking about the ONA bucket

  2. i have no clue what im talking about. all i know is that you are supposed to attach a fan to a bucket with holes and put the ona with water and turn the fan on. how much is needed to do this and how often should i replace it?
  3. You want the ONA Gel not the place it near the smell...smell goes away lol it works damn good

    dont place it in the grow area but the outer room which will be directing the smell of mj elsewhere and you need ONA gel with soil moist you fill ass appropriate dont go above the holes.. i havnt made one but i suppose 1/3 bucket? i've seen methods where the fan is sucking in air and this one shows it blowing. see which one works best for you
  5. I have the exhaust from my fan blowing toward the bottle of ONA, with the lid barely loosened, and it takes all the stink away. With the bottle open all the way it is overpowering! (I have 1 plant, 5th week of flower.)

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