How to use ALL of the plant?

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  1. Hey GC I'm currently growing 4 fems and 6 autos and before there done I'd like to know what u guys do to use all of the plant. Obviously the buds will be for smoking. But what about the other parts of the plant? Like I've heard of people making hash with the clippings or brownies... Any of you have ideas of what to use for what? I wanna maximize and use everything I can. Any comments will help. Thanks!
  2. trimming=hash. put the fan leaves in a salad and eat them. i've always wanted to do that since i saw cheech and chong do it. i wonder how it would taste. lol
  3. Take your sugar trimmings and either make dry ice hash using dry ice and bubble bags or put it in a pot with some butter and stir for a few hours on low. Take all your stems, grind them up or break them into small pieces and put them in a handle of some vodka and make tincture.
  4. I like your thinking haha
  5. I save all my trimmings in the freezer for a couple grows then bust out my 5 gallon bucket and bubble has bags and get to blending!
  6. I have 10 plants I wanna make some cannabutter maybe some
    Tinctures but I'm really thinking hash! But I'm so confused what's the difference between qwiso and dry ice hash I tried researching and it's so confusing any help?
  7. Its obvious to me what to do with trim and bud. What about the best things to do with fan leaves and stems. Will the tincture work with that low quality of material. I once made cannbutter out of fan leaves and some male plants. I added the soy lethicin to increase my bodies availability to absorb it. It worked. I got stoned. Not as potent as other times when i used quality material, but hey, I didnt waste the material.

    Other things I usually do with stems and fans
    - compost them.
    - use them as a mulch on my container MJ
  8. The difference between Qwiso and Dry Ice Hash is that you use isopropyl alcohol for Qwiso and it's a lot like the BHO method. You have to wait for it to evaporate. Dry Ice Hash involves throwing your stuff in a bubble bag with a few fist sized pieces of dry ice and shaking. Dry Ice method is much faster.
  9. Is there a difference in textures or potency?
  10. Oh yes^^ , just search grasscity ull find the thread explaining everything u need to know about everything
  11. I use every bit of goodness I can and then get some use out of the leftovers in the form of heat and entertainment (fire is the worlds oldest tv)!
  12. Mix one scoop (2g) of powder with 1 litre of water then You mix 140g pot makes 70 litres of spray.The powder lasts a very long time but made up, it should be applied to plants within 48 hours.Spray or pour on leaves until run off.Apply once every 4-6 weeks - perhaps the 1st of the month would be an easy way to remember!
  13. Turn the big branches and the trunks in to pipes and sell them on the street corner as hemp pipes. All the granola munching shoeless fools will dig um.

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