How to Use a PPM Meter

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    How to Use and Read a PPM Meter

    Using a TDS meter will help you tell how much ferts you truly have in your water. Alot of Fert company's
    are vauge about mixing and everyone's water is different for instance I found that my ferts were not truly
    full strenth. I also use the TDS to help me identify unmarked containers because I know were on the TDS scale each fert is.

    First you need to identify what kind of pen you have, a good start if your brand is not listed
    is to look at the way it is displayed and match it up with the chart. I mixed up some full strength
    ferts and since I know that you should not exceed 0.8 EC on soil I was able to determine which convertion
    to use.

    Soil should not Exceed 0.8 EC
    Hydro Should not Exceed 2.0


    I tryed to keep it simple and I wanted to give back. Please help if I made any mistakes or could have worded something better.
  2. Getting ready to switch over to coco and looking to buy a TDS meter and saw on hana`s website something about conversion and found this from a search, the hart you provided is gonna be printed out for reference. Thanks

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