How To Use A Glass Bong

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  1. Hey, this is probably a stupid question but I have never used a bong myself before. I used one a couple of times but my friends set it up and everything. I found a good 8 inch glass bong and was wondering is it the same as using a glass pipe, when I smoke out of a pipe after I let go of the carb and clear the pipe I take a deep breath of air to get the smoke deeper in my lungs. I want to start smoking out of a bong because its healthier and the smoke will be much smoother than a pipe. Overall my question is after a bong hit do you have to inhale air after like you would on a pipe?

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    It's basically the same concept as a pipe but theres water which filters the smoke thus making it smoother. You can choose to inhale the smoke as long as you'd like. You put your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale then, pull the bowl piece out [if it's a pull-carb] to clear the bong. You'll know if your doing it right when you hear the water bubble
  3. Put mouth to bong and inhale until you make those trademark bubbles. Do it again but this time light the weed while you do it. Milk it, take out the slide and do a deep inhale.
  4. Just a tip if you're going to be smoking a bong, make sure the water isn't too high up so you're not inhaling it, you can get bronchitis if the water is to high, which is never good.
  5. Oh k thanks for the tips, can't wait to get a bong!
  6. YouTube bong hits. You can see tons of them and it'll show you exactly what

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