How to Transform Yourself from Cluttered to Organized

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  1. I have a disorganized mind when it comes to mess. When I clean, I tend to go on cleaning sprees, where things get super-organized and furniture pulled out and swept behind and window blinds soaked in Clorox in the bathtub type of shit......however this is only a small portion of the time....usually associated with the fact that I can't stand the mess anymore. What I'll do is start cleaning, then once it gets back within the acceptable range, I slow down....then I stop. Before the house is completely clean.

    How do I raise the bar on cleanliness? How do I reorganize my thought process to where it won't say "oh...I'll do it later"? I'm to the point where the living room never stays cluttered for more than two days, but moving beyond that seems to be a problem, especially when it comes to the kitchen.

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Don't smoke so much.
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    Personally, I gave up years ago trying to keep my house as clean and tidy as I want so I just hired a cleaning lady who is just awesome. She comes by every 2 weeks and in less than 3hrs. she can do what would take me 3 days to accomplish without all the cursing and sweating. She does my sheets, makes the bed and cleans the windows when necessary. She even removes the toilet paper to wipe the dust behind the roll. I love those little touches, It's like coming home to a 5 star hotel....I LOVE IT!!! She works for herself and charges $15/hr which considering how fast she cleans is worth every penny.
  4. Get urself a nice girlfriend who would clean up for you.
    Works for me :)

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