How To Train Your Dog To Find Your Doobies

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    Disclaimer I've never owned a dog before. However, I'm avid pet lover with two cat roommates R.U. Serious and Penny Lane. My deceased ferret Gonzo would steal my stash if I left it out where he could grab it.
    Running off with the weed to his own stash spot under the stove. Ferrets are surprisingly resourceful. They are awesome at stealing ganja. Then stashing the weed. Gonzo trained me never to lose track of my stash.
    But it happens too plenty of heads.
    Most often several hours, sometimes days, after they've packed an awesome bowl.
    Not only will The Man not be able to find the nugs should they suddenly burst down the door, but sadly, the person who stashed the herb is getting frustrated not gunned on ganja. But what if you could have your own personal drug dog.
    You could bark the instruction "Find the Weed."
    And your Fido would find your marijuana.
    Many K9 officers use fake weed when training their drug dog. Which is odd to say the least because the fake weed is legal while the dog is being trained to detect illegal drugs. Yet K9 officers routinely testify their dogs only hit for illegal drugs!
    We're going to use real weed, which makes your dog's ability to find grass even more accurate than a police drug dog. Be mindful when out walking your pot finding pooch. They might run off and find some other stoner's stash.
    This training might be as easy as putting pot in a Kong dog toy. Stuffing your dog's favorite toy with a small amount of herb (open in a dime bag) will help recognize the smell. A dog's sense of smell is incredible so don't worry about packing the Kong with tons of toke.
    Don't dank during training.

    1. Give the instruction "Find the Kong" while the dog is playing with the toy.
    2. Then take the toy away.
    3. Replace with a none smelling Kong toy.
    4. Say nothing.
    5. Repeat.
    6. Once the dog distinguishes between Ganja Kong and None Ganja Kong we're ready to move on.
    7. Hide the ganja scented Kong.
    8. Show your pot loving pet the none scented Kong. Put it in your pocket.
    9. Give the instruction, "Find the Kong."
    10. The dog should go off to search for Ganja Kong.
    Reward them when the Ganja Kong is retrieved. A friend suggested cutting a small hole into a tennis ball. Put some weed in the tennis ball.
    Seal the ball back up. Use a pin to punch small holes in the ball to release the smell.
    The more dank smelling herb the better!
    Play a game of "Fetch" with your pothead pooch using these doctored doobie balls.
    Next time you lose your weed just ask your dog, or in my case ferret, where your stash is.
    Questions & Answers on Narcotics Dog
    Wikipedia Dog Training

  2. Nice read.

    Wish i had a dog i could train to find weed...
  3. I would totally do this with my boxer.

    but once he found it he would probably eat it and then i would be fucked because theres no way i could catch his ass.

    hes to damn fast.
  4. I have a Chihuahua, I am not sure it would work.

    He would more than likely dig the sack out and munch on it himself.

  5. Instead of go get the paper! Go get my Ganja! GOOOOOOD BOY! :hello:
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    typos ;]

    i wouldn't point these out but since these are a select number of articles for the whole community i thought you'd want to know :)
  7. thank u for the edits. that's excellent! very appreciated. i was nearly asleep when i posted the article. looking forward to some amazing indica for a great nights sleep. thanks GC for your support! M
  8. ha, awesome read.
  9. Ferrets are probably one of the coolest pets ever. Mine was such a player. Sadly after 8 years I have forgotten his name... One time it managed to hide my gameboy in the ceiling... :hello:

    Once I get my rottweiler I will most likely train it for defense and to find my Cannabis.
  10. There is a typo or grammatical error. Keep the articles up to standard!

    Very useful information. I never thought of this. This will be the first trick I teach my dog if I ever get one.
  11. speaking of ganja grammar Skunk Magazine used to run a contest spot their mistakes for a free subscription. glad u guys like the information.
  12. This is definitely on my "To do" list.
  13. Seems like a helluva lot more effort than just picking a spot to keep your stash and NOT losing it. Who loses their stash??? I think in 30 years I might have 'lost' it maybe one time.
  14. hmm not bad idea...still a lot of work training a dog.[​IMG]
  15. Im going to start training my dog this weekend, She is a 1 and a half year old german shepherd =)
  16. That's pretty funny. A great example of classical and operant conditioning!
  17. OK i have 3 dogs. 2 of them love to eat the weed and any stem no matter how small. Of those 2 one thinks ashes are like an extra treat. And all 3 love to get in the smoke. Its funny to watch but i always have to make sure no weed or ashes or left out. Or it could get scarfed up. More then once ive a woke or came home to some missing weed or an empty ash tray and a super stoned dog or 2
  18. let me know how it goes. some friends just bought a dog and will attempt the trick. it takes plenty of work to train a dog. good luck!
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    This would be awesome lol. Then take a little more time to teach him to fetch it for you, and teach him a few slang names for it, like bud and weed and herb. Then when your friends come over you can show off and be like "Dude get my bud" and the dog goes and brings a sack of bud lol.:cool:

    You could have him like, stash it in places where only he can access :p. Like under the bed haha.

    Well that would take a bit of training.

    But just having a dog fetch your bud would be awesome.

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