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How to test THC levels. (POTENCY)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Nirvana High, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. It's been on my mind lately and trying to research online about how the process goes down and how you can do it. How to test potency of bud, there are no straight answers online that I could find. All I could find was so called true potency percentages of strains but they don't explain how they got the number. Just trying to satisfy my curiousity anybody have information or answers?

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  2. Well, I tend to test mine by smoking it. :p

    Try this page, it may help you out.


    "The Cannalytics Kit is a cannabinoid detection (phytochemistry-) mini-laboratory. Its easy to use and no scientific background is required for proper analysis. Cannalytics brings you into a new knowledge of the connection between the cannabinoid composition of the pharmaceutical strain and the overall effect of any type of cannabis sample. The kit is based on Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) technique."

    Good luck!
  3. smell and looks IMO
  4. NO :rolleyes:
  5. I was thinking about this the other day if there was something to measure thc in plant bc how do they know on the seed websites the perecentages.
  6. u measure thc by smoking the same amount i.e. .5g and c which 1 got u the highest . fuck man i don't know? smoke it and get blazed
  7. i bet it takes quite a but of high dollar equipment to be able to test it and be accirate
  8. What about smoking a bowl pack before you pay for it, wait 15 minutes, and decide how much you want to pay? That way you don't have to pay a ton of money for shit weed, and the dealer doesn't get pissed at you for buying like a ten-sack. You tell your "guy" that you want to test it out and if it's good you'll buy the rest of the bag?
  9. doesn't matter smoke that shit anyways :smoking: betchu it's good
  10. I've discussed this while shopping at MMJ clubs with the owners before. From what I understand, and I'm nowhere NEAR an expert, the machinery needed to measure the various cannabinoids and their concentration is rather pricey, but that some folks up in the San Francisco Bay Area have the equipment and are working on some sort of certification process for any grower who wants to submit their product. Don't quote me on that though, it's just what I heard.

    I honestly think that whomever does start a certificate program for strains will be a millionaire overnight. But it requires scientific knowledge and capital to start up.

    But imagine going into your local club and buying something that you KNOW is genuine and you can see exactly what percentages of ingredients are in it...that would be something.
  11. you just gotta look at it and smell it really..

    or test it like its been mentioned. that way you know for sure.
  12. this guy is killing me... he let that whole j burn without hitting it once, unless i missed him hit it. (in part 2)
  13. when they do a close up on the shirt or what ever the leaf lighting up after some of em you can see smoke when he starts talking. lol. shoulda hit it more often
  14. Get a microscope at radioshack 60x-100x magifacation. $10-$15.
    look at the weed under it. you will be able to see if it covered in crystals. or mold. or nothing at all.
    Also you can tell what colour they are. Good to know sense the colours tell you what type of high your going to be getting.
  15. i had a guy that got pissed and said get 10 more! of course i was but i didnt buy because his attitude!
  16. There is no direct correlation between bud's appearance and actual THC content. Looks and smell don't mean much at all. Seed banks lie and exaggerate their strain's THC content to sell their product. These banks also breed strains specifically for bag appeal and not for actual potency. There is no way for you or I to test potency objectively.

    The 'smoke it and compare' idea isn't an objective measure because whichever sample you 'test' second is at a distinct disadvantage due to thc tolerance.

    To summarize, we can't test thc levels without expensive chromatography equipment.

  17. He's swimming in bud so I doubt he cares much about it burning away. Anyways he's very intelligent and knows what he's talking about. THC percentage is just a marketing scheme.
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    I would say: they dry the bud completely, using a temp under the vaporisation point of THC. Then they would weigh it(call that weight x), vaporise the dry bud, at the exact temp for vaporisation of THC and re-weigh it. Subtract the new weight from the old weight and you get the weight of the THC from the dry plant material (call that y). Then simply do, y * x / 100, which gives you the percentage of THC. Just my guess though ;)
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    THC content is measured by a process called gas chromatography. generally what happens is they take a sample of the bud (only need a small representative) and put it in a very expensive machine that passes the sample through a column with specific chemicals in it that will slow each component of the sample down as it travels through the column, carried by a gas. since all the componants are effected differently, each slows down at different rates, causing them to seperate. they find the fraction with THC, measure its percent in relation to the mass of the sample, and there you go.

    its the same process many labratories use to test your urine for THC metabolites in drug tests. as you can see, its a very powerful technique which is why its VERY difficult to beat a lab. drug test.

    but not impossible, if you know your chemistry...heeheehee
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