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How to test a scale

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SILENTxSNIPER01, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Heya! I bought 10 grams last night, but it did'nt look like 10 grams so I bought myself a scale, when I lay it all on the scale it keeps giving me all kinds of numbers, between 7-11 grams, when I let it warm up for a minute or so it says its between 9-10 grams but it dosent look like it... I just figured if its right it must be some really dense stuff.

    I would like to know how I could test it to see if its accurate, I know the nickel test but I cant find a nickel anywhere... I would just like to see if anyone else knows of any other items I could put on there and what the weight would be so I could try it on mine to see if its right or not. thanks in advance!
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    You can't find a nickel? WTF?

    A bill weighs a gram. Not sure what else to use.
  3. Use a dollar, that should weigh a gram.
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    Just use a quarter. They weigh 5.67 grams.

    Good luck ;)

    EDIT: In case you don't have a nickel, here are the weights for other US coins:

    Penny - 2.5 grams
    Nickel - 5 grams
    Dime - 2.27 grams
    Half Dollar - 11.34 grams
  5. thanks alot guys, the doller worked perfect, guess it was weighing right, weighing my bag at 10 grams exacly after I let it warm up for a bit, just dosent look like 10 grams... ill post a pic in a few minutes
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    :) The plastic tray I put the greenery on weighs 13.8 so the weed weighs a little under 10 grams, it just dosent look like 10 grams...[​IMG]
  7. my bad for the HUGE picture...
  8. looks like some nice stuff
  9. dude, you are supposed to put the tray on the scale, then reset it to zero, that way you dont have to do any math or what not.
  10. Looks like ~10 grams of some good bud! And yeah, like giroldo said, put the tray on the scale first with nothing on it, then press the Tare/Zero button on your scale, then it should zero out, then you can load up your nugs on it and get the weight of just the nugs.
  11. HaHa. Yeah, it makes it alot easier that way.
  12. One M&M=One gram. Or use any type of food where it tells you the net weight on it. Yeah that's happened to me w/ the dense looked so small but it weighed out. You know how to test the shit? Does it say 0.0 when nothing's on it...
  13. Im canadian and our bills dont weigh a gram and our coins weigh different amounts too. I use a toonie (2 dollar coin) to calibrate my scale. A toonie should weigh 7.3 grams. The only problem with a lot of coins is the weights are different depending on when they were made because there are subtle differences like the type of metal (or mix in an alloy), or the shape of the coin or the design on it
  14. dude an american nickle weighs 5 grams its work 5 cents too
  15. x2 - I'm Canadian and our coin currency varies in weight by when they were made / material

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