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How to tell your friends you smoke weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by anniehall, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. I'm a new user but I've been reading the forums on this site for a few years and could use some advice. I've been smoking for a few years and have always preferred it over drinking. While I disagree with labeling and stereotyping, i.e. calling someone a "pothead" or a "stoner," I don't seem like someone who would smoke weed. I rarely party and I never drink, I'm mostly a quiet overachiever. I have some great friends, and while one or two know that I smoke, the rest of them don't and I'm too afraid to tell them. I've always wanted to, but whenever the subject of weed came up they've always had negative reactions. I don't want to or expect to change their minds about the subject, but I'm tired of keeping secrets and want to be completely honest with them. I'm just scared that they'll hate me when I finally tell them because I put it off for so long. Does anyone have any advice? I would greatly appreciate it. I want to do it soon because it's driving me nuts!
  2. Better off just keeping it to yourself, not worth flaunting to your friends, especially if they will see you lesser of a person for it.
  3. so your kinda like Harold off of Harold and kumar? haha fuck telling them they will just be ignorant about it.
  4. if they hate you for smoking weed then they're not your real friends.
  5. if you really do feel that they might hate you if they found out you smoke weed, then you should just keep it to yourself, its really hard to change peoples minds about marijuana, but if they ever find out somehow, then just be like yeah i do smoke, no need to deny it then

    and also, you should try to find some people who also smoke, you'd probaly end up being really good freinds with them too

  6. Idk, they might no hate me for it. I know that they already genuinely like me as a person, and weed is just one part of my life. I've been smoking since they've known me, and we've always gotten along just fine. I think that my worry about them hating me for it is just me being paranoid. I was afraid that some of my other friends would reject me too when they found out, but when I told them they were mostly surprised but were like "wow! that's actually kinda cool. I never knew you did, but it's ok. We're still cool." I even changed a few of their perspectives on it lol.

  7. Yeah, I'm mostly worried that they'll hear it from someone else first. That's why I'm scared to tell others in case it gets back to them. It sucks because it's gotten in the way of me making friends with people who DO smoke, since I'm worried that they'll somehow hear it through the grapevine that I toke.
  8. "Hey friend, I smoke weed!"

    Simple as that.
  9. Couple of my straightedge friends deffinitely look down on my for smoking, hasnt effected our friendship though, I say just let it slip out. My friend figured out cause I smoked right in front of him lol
  10. in all honesty, if you're freinds are all a bunch of goodie two shoes then they probably would hate you for it, especialy if they're also judgemental towards other people that they know nothing about, and you're going to know the answer to that one since you hang out with them

  11. I wish I would have just let it slip out ages ago! Would've made my life so much easier. I've had some chances, but my anxiety just gets in the way.
  12. Approach said friends, pull out blunt, light blunt, offer them each a hit. Problem solved
  13. Play truth or dare!
  14. What I did with my friends I had the free or if you want just take em to a good spot and just offer them a light up its the easiest ways I got even closer with my friends like this now where just so much chiller and closer
  15. just tell them, friends come and go. If they cant appreciate you because you smoke, then they need to do some soul searching.
  16. Honestly dude its not something to worry about, I even got 2 of my friends to take a hit ( albeit they were quite drunk).
  17. not readoin dat im drubk/high as fuck just go BITCH i smoke weed now suck my dick lol im not post anymore sorry mods tat seeeea this
  18. "BITCH i smoke weed" is the way to go.
  19. I used to be in a similar situation - didn't come off as a stoner but preferred drinking vs. smoking & didn't want to let a lot of my friends know since I thought they'd either disapprove or view me differently. Even my brother whom I'm rather close with didn't know I smoked for a lot of years. With him we always both just joked about it until one night after a few drinks I think I just asked him if he ever smoked - in hindsight it wasn't too surprising to find out he did on occasion and about an hour later we were smoking a bowl together & it was great.

    For the most part it just came up at some point (usually when we were out drinking) with my friends and a lot of them had actually tried weed at some point & I smoked with them since. They were never the types to have their own stash but won't smoke if it were around.

    Sounds like you've got a good head on your shoulders and have your reasons for enjoying smoking that at the very least your friends would respect. Personally I just prefer smoking vs drinking and even think it's healthier for me. Sounds like you could convey that to them and I think you'd be surprised how many of them had at least tried smoking and I doubt they'd view you and differently and you'd feel better about being able to just be yourself around them. Just casually bring up the subject next time your hanging out and see where it goes and just be honest about it.
  20. Keep yourself on the safer side,and don't tell them.

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