How to tell when your just too high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dr Mike Rotch, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Like a lot of you guys I get amnesia when I'm really blazed. Completely forget what I'm thinking/talking about then sit there in delirium until I think of something else to forget about
  2. Was smoking up the other night playing some GTAV.. Got so dizzy from the driving I had to stop playing and go lay down ahaha
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  3. When you are downtown and at a highrise and you go in the elevator and press all the buttons because you like the way it glows
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  4. When I was around 17, I was at a friend's house and we weren't supposed to be there. If anyone were to show up, we were supposed to dip. I wanted to see if my car was locked so I pressed lock on my key. When it's already locked and you press lock again, the car honks. Literally directly after pressing lock, I TAKE OFF. Off the back poarch, I take off and just run as far as I can, just to get back and remember I locked my car [​IMG]
  5. Last night I decided to smoke the remainder of my weed. So I dumped all the dust and packed the bowl. About 2 minutes after I smoked the whole thing I realized I was in trouble. I'm not sure how to put it in words. I wasn't entirely sure where reality ended and my imagination started. I was so high I became nauseous, and passed out. I woke up 5 hours later and still felt high. The thought of smoking makes me queezy now.
  6. LMFAO @ this thread! When you are staying at a hotel with your buddy (fishing trip no homo) and zip outside at 11:30pm to smoke 3 fat ass joints, and on the way back to the hotel reception you see the security guard casually standing outside checking people have a key card, but your paranoid mind translates it as some type of sentry guard/border patrol that you have to get past to avoid detection hahaha good times
  7. When you smoke 2 joints in a row, and become so paranoid that you open the garage to take out the trash (@2am) and you take two steps with the trash bags out of the garage and then just drop them right there and head back indoors because you are convinced that every neighbour in your street will be psychoanalyzing your footsteps and accurately guaging how stoned you are lol
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  8. when im seeing triple.
  9. How about when you sit down to play Skyrim and you start to flip your shit, like legitimate concern that you'd have for a real person, because you have no fucking idea where your character is going upon death. Tsun told my Dragonborn that she'd likely wind up in Sovngarde, but she isn't a Nord, and she's sold her soul to Nocturnal, Sithis, Hermaeus Mora, Hircine, and a few others, so the Daedric Princes (and Sithis) are totally gonna have to have a custody case over her soul. What the fuck is wrong with me?
    There's also this one time I went to Speedway, forgot what I went there to buy, and just stared at one spot on the shelf for about 30 minutes before my buddy, who was working that night, suggested I just get some Funyuns. I later realized I wanted to get gas, and I had walked there.
  10. When you are toking and you think the fog is your smoke hanging in the air. ..
  11. sounds awesome not too high at all
  12. I didnt realise there was such a thing as too high.
  13. A story comes to mind where that cop and his wife ate pot brownies (confiscated maybe) and then called 911 saying "we think we're dying"[​IMG]
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  14. A few days ago i thought the UPS guy was a cop, in my defense when i looked through the peephole all i saw was this dude wearing a blueish shirt with a shiny gold badge looking thing on his chest. The noises around my backdoor didnt help either lol. After i walk out my front door after im sure hes gone i look and see a package delivery notice. FACEPALM 
  15. One time I got so stoned. I was hungry And opened a can of beef Ravi. It was a easy pull top lid. And I Fucking cut my hand open. So bad that I ended up getting stitches. But it was 3 am. My wife and daughter were sleeping. I was freaking so I hit speed dial on my phone. Turns out I called my mother in law. Idk who I was trying to call
    Just didn't wanna be alone. She was obviously woken from her sleep by my call. There was blood every where. It was horrible. I was hash high. But she ended up talking me through it for about 45 minutes. She still talks about it every holiday.

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    Lol no such ting as too high for mi.:coolalt:
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  17. When you try to kill a bowl of keif. And the bowl kills you.

    A couple weekends ago I loaded all the keif from my grinder 1/2-1g. And hit that bitch. When it cuaght up to me I was passed out at the computer desk listening to music. When I woke up I opened my eyes and shit was spinning so bad. So I closed my eyes and past out again
  18. Went camping for my buddies birthday and went off down a trail to smoke up, walking bacj we hit the road and theres a guy walkinv towards us, first thinh that goes threw my mind is "this dudes a zombie i gotta bash his brains in" didnt do it, but it waa funnier then hell after...i was terrified at that point

    15 bucks little man...
  19. 15 bucks little man...[/QUOTE]
    Put that shit in my hand...

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  20. When you look like this.[​IMG]

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