How to tell when your just too high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dr Mike Rotch, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. So 3 a.m. rolls around last night. I decide to roll a blunt. Soon after sparking said blunt, I have the brilliant idea to dress up in my tactical airsoft gear to play call of duty. Added wayyyy to much realism. I got so into it that when I didn't make it to a downed friendly to revive him...I totally had this intense day dream about him dying in my arms all cinematic style. My freaking eyes watered. Damn...that was just too high.
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  2. Ha nice method Codding.

    The other day I smoked a lovely lovely absolutely beaut of a joint. My belly began to rumble so I figure that I need a sandwich No biggy. I decide to make the ultimate Peanutbutter and jelly toasted sandwich. I begin. i GRAB THE pb and J put it on the chopping board and grab some bread and put it in the toaster. So I wait there for like 40 minutes just thinking about random shit. So I starts to think WTF wheres my sandwich I look at the toaster intensely for around 3 minutes before realising that the Bread was Rice cakes and the toaster was my microwave. DAAAAM I WAS HIGH.
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  3. Hahahaha. That's freaking great. What were you smoking that did THAT?
  4. Once i was waiting in my friends treehouse smoking a bowl, waiting for said friend, and he was coming outside. He turned on the light when he was coming out, but he flashed it on and off once cause he forgot something. I thought the light was a camera flash and i dipped lol.
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  5. Ouff. Paranoid high. I feel ya there. Everytime I smoke and look in my snakes tank, if he's buried, I freak out thinking he escaped. :) but then I remember Gibbs would never leave me. Lol. I mean shit he has it easy. Just chillin in a house specifically meant for him. Exploring. Having his food brought to him. Wow I just realized how lazy my snake is. Maybe he gets contact highs from me. :D
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  6. ahaa this had me laughin so hard. thats funny as shit to think about
  7. After smoking 3-4 tight bowls of some high end shit I forgot who I was
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  8. Uh, when you just have to sit down man...

    "I need to lay it on down right here...shit."

    Your head is spinning, you lay down and you
    feel like you're in a free fall forever, just really
    fucking uncomfortable to the point where you
    can't fall asleep cause you're freaking stoned
    and you don't know what to do to make it go

    If you have to sit in your shower because
    you're dancing too much, you're too high to
    know what song you're listening to, it sounds
    like fucked up and can't follow
    along for shit...but wait, is that a song? Oh
    shit it is a song...Rob Zombie are you there?

    Yep...that's when you know you're too high.
    Woo for building a tolerance. LMAO!
  9. Hahahaha, this one time I was playing Skate 2 online on my PS3, and I was really high so all I did was just do random flip tricks (it's a skateboarding game). This one guy comes into my session and starts singing "If Leaving Me Is Easy" by Phil Collins.

    Somehow I've only heard the song once, but I instantly remembered all the lyrics and sang the whole song with him... I got so lost in what the fuck I was doing that I started to cry, and then when I realized I cried I started dieing of laughter :D
  10. me, you can't really get too high..

    but fuck, thanks for the awesome idea, i got a ninja costume with swords n everything. gonna either re-inact assassins creed or ninja gaiden. lmao will be funnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  11. Last time I was too high was during the end of exam week when I had a wake n' bake hotbox in my room :D I have this bong called "Mister Freeze" (diffused zong w/ ice chamber you get the picture) and me and four of my friends ripped like 8 bowls out of it. To top off the last bowl, we packed four different kinds of weed in it and topped it with a fat layer of keif. We only finished half the bowl then all of my friends dipped (can't remember why though lol). The second they left I ran to my bathroom greened out then passed out with my head in the toilet.

  12. Smoked a huge blunt of afghan kush with 2 other buddys.

    I had to manually breath, and my friends started laughing at me, which made me laugh, which made breathing really fucking hard.

    I nearly passed out.

  13. Doesn't seem like it would be as fun if you plan it. It would be much better if you did it and then an hour later realize whats going on.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. When you're baaaked in a train station and your 2 buddies are trying to give directions to a bunch of tourists while you're barely able to walk and saying ridiculous wannabe philosopher shit

    When your dad tells you to brush your teeth and you stand in the bathroom making unrealistic teeth-brushing noises because you just really don't feel like it. He walks in asking what the fuck you're doing and you tell him "I'm eating candy later anyway, they're just gonna get more dirty." and your friend is dying of laughter watching the entire thing.
    How the fuck didn't I get caught?
  16. Haha this thread is great
  17. When you're at a playground in the middle of the day and you see this ting in the sky and you seriously think it is the constitution.

    When you're at a different playground at night and you hear the most beautiful music. All of a sudden a band (which oddly enugh, looks like the beach boys) is playing the most beautiful music you ever heard and you run over to see it, only to find out that it's a girl (also extremely high) swinging on a swing.
  18. When you hear music when there is actually no music playing anywhere near you....
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  19. Just blazed a few bowls of dank after a 2month t break (I smoked once or twice) and i'm getting mindfucked by some Dire Straits :smoke:
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  20. That takes me back to grade 8..

    "laughing attack"

    I've been so ripped that I laughed untill my head hurt so much that it wasn't funny anymore because it was so painful

    I have no idea what was so funny, just remember laughing :smoke:

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