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How to tell im not getting ripped

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AHCx, May 6, 2011.

  1. Buying 3 grams of mid of my bud in math class. we're weighing it at his house, but i want to be able to ID the ganja to make sure it's mid, not reggie or fucking grass or some shit. Halp :D
  2. Edit: I'm in HS, so 3 grams is a big buy for me, lol. Dont wanna fuck this up.
  3. No way to tell really. if it looks like good bud. its prolly good bud haha
  4. How much are you paying for 3 grams of mids..just wondering
  5. make sure it isn't loaded with stems, as that can effect the weight and can potentially skimp you a bud or 2. Identify the weed by looking at its color, and the amount of trichomes on the marijuana (flaky, crystal substance all over the bud). If it has straight up green color, not many stems, and some hairs its probably fine, just dont accept anything that has many seeds/stems and looks like brick mexi schwag and you'll be ight.
  6. How exactly are we going to help?
  7. Stay in school please. This stuff is detrimental to a youngster who doesn't have his parents making sure hes doing his work.
  8. Wait, why would somebody lie about mids?
  9. How can you fuckup if youre weighing it out?
    Especailly with mids???
  10. mids=reggie lol
  11. ...I'm pretty sure mids is reggie, and if you can't tell if it is grass or not you might be better off experimenting with candy first. I recommend Smarties, tasty and small, easy to manage.
  12. 1 thing is how much you spending on 3 grams? Make sure there is no bag on the bud when weighted. You will know the smell of mj to make sure its real... If you dont know the smell of mj, then smarties taste good.

    Sidenote: One of my firefox dictionary choice for a re-spell of smarties is smartypants
    cracked me up
  13. hehe yeah just make sure it's 3g's on the scale.. middies is just slang for reggie, just short for "regular" like not premo shit, but not dirt shit... in the middle.. "middies" and usually best bang for the buck.... i personally wouldn't pay more than like 10 bucks a g, for some super high mids...
  14. mids=shitty-mid grade outdoor, shwag is shit-almost unsmokeable...i would drive 100 miles to get good weed if all that was around was shwag... thank god i don't have to.

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