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How to tell if shes into you?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by ThatSmartStoner, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. I have never been to good with ladies, Im also not blessed in the Weight department either. Theres this lass I like. Me and her talk at college and thats about it, but I have done some research on body language, and think she likes me too. She blushes around me, Laughs alot at my jokes, says She likes the way my name sounds, and usally sits by me in the classes we have together. I just hate being rejected... she means alot to me... but id rather be freinds with her than blow it.
    What should I do?
  2. Grab the bagels, the butter, and settle in for a long, cold, lonely winter.
  3. You wouldnt regret it if you took the chance and it worked out right? What's worth the prize is worth the fight :)
  4. ^^^ what he said.
  5. no one has helped the OP with his question, "how to tell she is interested?".

    but yeah OP, from what you've said things sound good... now its time for you to take a chance and go out on a date with her and see how things go. best of luck to you!
  6. it would be very obvious if she was
  7. Ask her to get coffee or lunch with you. You don't have to specify that it's a date, but you need to socialize outside of class hours. That'll give you the opportunity to talk about other things and mutual interests and all that silly stuff. If she still acts the same way toward you, I'd say you've got a shot.

    Be cool, man.
  8. "wanna go out to lunch after class?"

    don't be a pussy. take a risk.
  9. Try asking for her number and ask if shed like to grab a bite to eat after a class. Talk about common interests and at the end give her a hug! Cmonnn do itt!!
  10. only one way to find out..smoke something and then ask her out
  11. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqjC1lIF1S8]harold and kumar - YouTube[/ame]
  12. go for it man! tell her how you feel...if she aint diggin it and tells you to fuck off then move on to the next.

    shes just a human...as far as you know :eek:
  13. Whip out the junk and tell her it needs some detailing.. If she truly wants your junk she will drop to her knees and polish that knob..

    Good luck blade :smoke:
  14. risky but it could work!
  15. Check out the link in my signature. And lose the weight/get fit.
  16. Thanks blades. im going to ask her to do something friday. weight has been a constant struggle throughout my life. my college has a treadmill and is closer than the gym so im going to start going 3 times a week.
  17. fuck treadmills bro, if you are serious about losing weight checkout sixpackshortcuts on youtube.com... his stuff works and he gives you so much information for free!
  18. Just stop eating the food you eat. No matter your genetics, all of our bodies operate the same. If your body has a caloric deficit, you will lose fat (and vise versa). So what you need to do is cut down the amount of calories you get in and run in order to burn calories. When I was getting on the bigger side (pot belly from drinking lol), I cut out all drinks except water, because it has 0 calories. I also ran 4 times a week. Not only that, but if you drink a lot of water, it helps you shed water weight. Cut out all snacks and unhealthy food from your diet. If you're poorer (like me) buy a can or two of oatmeal (yes, plain). Get some bananas and lettuce.

    Stick to strictly low calorie diet. You'll shed the pounds very fast if you do this. Last, but not least, eat less. The body doesn't need food as much as we feed it. The longer you go without eating, the more fat (stomach fat!) your body will burn for energy. So do some fasting every now and then, especially in the morning, as you fast already from sleeping, prolonging that fast will increase the amount of calories burned. Your body will adjust to eating less and you will get slim super fast. Also, start lifting.
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    be careful fasting that type of dieting can really come back to bite you in the ass especially if you are also trying to put on muscle, its almost impossible to "cut" and also put on muscle mass. sixpackshortcuts goes into that stuff, its better to operate on a cutting cycle then a muscle gaining cycle and vice versa.

    but yeah, biggest thing to help lose weight is watch what you eat, change your diet, and start drinking lots of water instead of soda and other drinks.

    deadlifts are a great high intensity exercise too, the more muscle groups you incorporate into an exercise = more calories burned, deadlifts pretty much work your entire body. you learn to love em, at first they are a real pain in the ass but its worth it lol.

    edit: one thing about cardio is that you have to be careful to not over-do it, my dad back in his 20s use to do so much cardio exercises that even though he was taking in like 8000 - 10,000 calories a day he could barely put on weight (muscle mass).
  20. I'm assuming this guy is fairly big, though. Once he gets to closer to where he wants, weight wise, then he should stop cardio and start lifting. But he's got to get out of the woods before he can think about the other stuff. Also, it takes 48 hours before your body taps into your muscles as fuel. It is pretty smart, actually. First it will burn extra fat on the body before it resorts to eating your muscles. Don't fast for more than 24 hours or your body could go into survival mode. But naturally, humans would only eat one big meal a day after long periods of fasting. Intermittent fasting is what its called.

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