How to support plants???

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  1. i tried making a support for my plants i put four stakes around my plant and ran some twine in levels going completely around it but it seems like its to close.....any DIY support systems blades?

  2. I threw a trellis net on mine the other day. That's probably your best bet man. Just use your stakes like you have them. Maybe spread them out a bit tthen wrap your trellis around the plant and stakes then fit the branches tthrough. Or you could gget some wire fence and make a cage around it and tuck the branches through that
  3. Thanks Dagolf may try fence idea. I have som old fence could tie it too four stakes as legs. put the piece of fence on top of em and put each branch through one of the holes. I can even make it so I can adjust it higher due to growth. I can kinda picture it now
  4. I am lst plant so all branches are top branches that's why I ld only need fence on top. Forgot that detail
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    some old trim board from a scrap wood pile..  and florist's wire...   also, 1/2" PVC works good too... doesnt blend well in a wooded area though
  6. Get some rope trellis nets and bamboo poles. I used wire cages on a few of my plants and allowed them to grow through the cages. It supports them and makes it hard for rippers.
  7. Stumps make for perfect stakes if you planted near some. If not, theres green painted bamboo poles at lowes and u can put 4 around em and use some sort of twine. Or you can also use wooden clothes hangers and run the twine through em and stick em down in the ground.
  8. Plants shouldnt need support???
  9. gotta listen to them and consider their feelings right?
  10. Says who?
  11. Thats why i put the question marks lol i was wanting an explanation why a plant needs support

    Must not got any sun or some strong ass winds come through
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    [quote name="TimeIsMoney1" post="18530137" timestamp="1376766532"]Plants shouldnt need support???[/quote]Hmm, let me know how that works out in a sideways rain storm when your plant is 3' tall or more.. Esp. During flowering! All the weight of those luscious budsHave you ever grown a tomato plant? Good comparisonSent from my LGL86C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    Or they are way to big, Plus i have a wind
     When the colas are as long or longer than Baseball bats they need a little help
  14. Yep hillbillys right. Your heart will break when you go out to check and see a big moldy ass cola layin in the grass cuz the stalk snapped. Prepare, prepare, prepare.
    Almost full sun 1 1/2 hrs of filtered shade 
  16. Is out beneficial to shade from time to time I have a feeling we're in the same area but I have an eastern facing house do I get the sun rising on the plants then later my house naturally shades the back yard

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  17. Always great help on GC!! (When the kids aren't trolling) lol thanks everyone

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  18. aww its nothin just a question i wanted answered bro i feel the same

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