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How to store coconut cannabis oil

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Sammy123, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Just wondering how to store coconut cannabis oil long term?
    Something longer than a month. Preferably not the freezer.
    Thank you!
  2. Best bet would be putting it in an airtight jar, wrapping tin foil around it to keep the light out, and put it in the fridge. That's what I did with my last batch. Saving it for a dry day
  3. the woman in the store where i bought my coconut oil claimed that the oil didn't go bad for a long time, even when out of the fridge. But since its kind of pricey i store it in the fridge anyway.

    If the freezer isn't an option i would do waht blaze jdm says
  4. if you have coconut oil that is not rancid (only be rancid by making it with bad coconuts) then you can leave it for a hundred years and then have some it wont go off EVER, but the cannabinoids will degrade from light so i recomend keeping it in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight and fridge would be good too.
  5. One of the best methods is a mason jar, they are airtight and come in numerous sizes, and can be found really cheap on the Internet.
  6. where did you get that info jack? I'm kind of skeptical, if you say it won't go rancid for a year i could believe you, but multiple years? How come?
  7. Coconut oil doesnt go rancid because it's a saturated fat oil. ONly about 6 percent of it is polyunsaturated so it's not going to go rancid very quickly. Also, unfiltered coconut oil has constituents of the actual coconut plant that are protective of the actual oil.

    For the final answer to this question I would say refrigerate it or freeze it: Thats what I do.
  8. coconut oil can be rancid if you make it from rotten coconuts, trust me you will know the difference the rancid ones taste fowl.
  9. But no one makes coconut oil...I mean in their kitchen. Coconut oil doesnt go bad outside in normal temp for a very long time. I store mine outside. Oil oil rancidifies more quickly. Virgin olive and coconut oil will last longer than filtered oil I've heard.

  10. Undisputed King of containers!!!

    Pricey compared to mason jars, but worth their weight in gold! :D
  11. rotten coconuts get used sometimes by companies that distribute coconut oil. coconut oil that has been made with rotten coconuts will still be fine but it has a very strong unpleasant sometimes extremely unplleasant flavour. coconut oil made with rotten coconuts wont go bad but it does not taste good
  12. but everything (except for maybe pure alcohol and such) has a shelf life, you can't say it won't go bad unless you take action to protect your coconut oil right?
  13. nope unless you are planning to be over 10 thousand years old i think you will be fine storing the coconut oil anywhere, but thc degrades in sunlight so if you have infused it keep outa the sun.
  14. so i could have made oil instead of green dragon and take that with me on vacation without any worries that it would go bad?
    Next time i might do that then, i just need a way to get the oil down without tasting too foul
  15. yehp also if its good coconut oil it will taste fine, as for making a way to gob it down make into brownies, biscuits etc etc anything that requires baking in the oven will work with coconut oil any ordinary bakeable you can even make canna bread if you want.
    anything that needs stove use lard (soups, curry, steak etc etc) lard is the meat equivelent of coconut oil with cannabis, wont go off im pretty sure or if it does it still is such a long time.
  16. i know i can cook it into something, but that way my shelf-life would be greatly diminished. I want to keep it in its oily form as long as i can so i can preserve it for about 2 months. Oh well, i won't worry about that until i have some bud to toss around, thx for the info

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