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How to store BHO

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Badass805, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. So I've been making oil for a couple of weeks now. It comes out a translucent amber color but it is hard as he'll to deal with. How do you guys store and handle it

  2. I usually just use parchment paper, but I just recently got an oil dish from my lhs so thats what i've been using lately.

  3. Does leaving it out in the open air affect potency or consistency at all?
  4. Hey whats up with that oil in your pic? is the right one dried out? because my oil looks like the one on the left except lighter.
  5. The one on the right is just more of a wax than oil. Usually people whip their concentrates to get it similar to that consistency.
  6. I store mine in dabbing dishes in a box with a lid to keep undesireable matter from getting in the oil. From what I have learned from making concentrates, using different strains, trim, hash/kief all produce different colors. I have had some from the more liquid amber/brown oils to vacuuming the oil to get shatter(which I store in a 420 jar sealed tightly in my freezer) and have gotten golden oils that have terps(bubbles still in oil that has already been purged) suspended in wax in semi-glass form. Every different tweak to my bho process yields some slight difference unless I do the same process. So unless when you light that oil and it crackles and pops or if it came out a greenish tint, smoke on and start perfecting your method. Forgot my point...
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    thin metal tools for scraping and forming the erlz. Once purged ill scrape my evap dish and transfer to parchment. heat up the tool so the erl just falls right off. concentrate dishes for the connoisseurs :p

    from there ill store the parchment either folded up in my small, wood toking chest or in a small mason jar. concentrate dish just sits in the chest. if its shatter it shouldn't oxidize fast so any method is good. if its budder then sitting exposed to air will oxidize it faster than shatter. but i think most of us smoke it fast enough to not have to worry about degradation.

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