How To Sterilize Water ??? Bottled Water ???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hungarianflower, May 19, 2010.

  1. Hi

    I am a new grower wondering how necessary it is to use sterile water for my plant.

    I know boiling water doesn't completely sterilize it.

    Is it OK for me to use water like Dasani and the like?

    Or is mineral water best?

    THANKS!!! :wave:
  2. distilled water is prime. you can use tap water if you fill up a bucket and let it sit overnite to let the chemicals turn into gas and leave the water. you can also buy a cheap air pump and air stone at walmart for under 10 bucks and throw that in there to oxygenate the water. you should check the pH of the water first before using it if its not distilled.
  3. I'm pretty positive boiling water does sterilize it.
  4. Yep, it does. Distilled water is water that was boiled, or rather steam that was allowed to condensate.

    Bottled water water is just filtered water. And it'll cost you a boat load to use for the whole grow. So either get a water filter for your tap water, or better yet, get a Reverse Osmosis water system. It'll save you money down the road, especially if you're doing hydro.
  5. Sterility is not as important as acidity/alkalinity (pH) and electroconductivity (EC/TDS). In fact, organic growers will often brew a microbial tea.
  6. OK, so just boil my filtered water?

    According to this article, that doesn't sterilize it - How to Sterilize Water |

    But I guess you can't trust the internet .... ?

    Thanks everyone!
  7. Be very cautious about the ph . i tested the distilled water here and it runs 7.2 surpprisingly high. i use aquafina which ph's at 6.0 Dansi is just filtered tap water , ph 8.6. Dont just dump your water on the plant , even if its bottled...your plants will thank you
  8. I have various plants outdoors in containers now they need 50 ltr. water each day when it is sunny.
    i just fill up 5-litres bottles from the tap and they do not mind it.

    Yet in the winter time, when your grow medium has 27 degrees, and the water is ice cold 4 to 6 degrees, that is not so good. Mix in some hot water from the tap.

    In the wilderness there are streams, quite dirty (foam and the like), and along them, a lot of stuff just grows.
    This chlorine stuff etc. or pH can vary in your area but sterilizing? Myself I would consider this as overdoing it.

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