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How To : Stem N Bud Green Tea

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Leftley, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, my first guide on edibles here. Although this is more of a drink-able :p The materials you're going to need are as follows..

    Green Tea Leaves - 3tspn - I prefer Byokuro Japanese green tea, it's great, has a sweet aroma and sweet undertone to it's taste.

    Sugar - Any kind will do - 2tblspn

    Milk - half cup (not a measurement cup, a normal glass)
    Water - Dependent on the size of your teapot
    Teapot - Mine has a strainer in front of the nozzle so i'm fine, but if you don't you'll need a strainer
    MJ of your choice -  Bud 1 - 3g depending on your tolerance / Stems / Shake 5 - 10g (This is an estimate, I've never really done this with stems alone usually add some bud, shake is fine, if it's strong enough shake 3g can do at times)
    Strainer - Optional

    Start off by putting your green tea leaves & sugar into your teapot. (Obviously)

    Start your water so it's boiling by the time everything is ready
    Put your half cup of milk in a saucepan and bring it to a simmer, when it starts to get hot but not quite simmering yet, put your buds/stems/shake whatever you have in there and let it rise to a simmer. Simmer for 3 - 5 minutes.

    Your water should be close to/ already boiling by now. Turn that off and pour it into the teapot with your tea leaves & sugar.

    Allow to steep for 2 - 4 minutes. If you're experienced with green tea you'll know it can get slightly bitter if you let it steep longer, I myself don't mind this although some people do.

    Either transfer to 3 seperate mugs(not worth the hassle) or into some kind of pitcher of sorts.

    Add your buddy milk and stir.

    Pour, sit back, enjoy your tea while the buzz sets in. :)

  2. 3g if you used dank? Or mids? How strong is the buzz from this?

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  3. Mids sorry, good dank is barely ever available here. I wouldn't say it's the most intense feeling ever, but I was pretty high, body & head buzzin for about.. 4 or 5 hours :)
  4. So if I got some danky how much do you think I'd need of buds/shake?
  5. I think that you should add the milk at the same time you add the weed because it is the fat in the milk that makes this all possible. You can boil all this stuff in water and it will get some of the THC but only a small amount. The fat molecules in the milk bond with the THC much more effectively than the water molecules.
  6. Yeah, that's why you're simmering the bud in the milk before adding the milk to the tea :) 

    & Really even if you have dank you could start small say 1 - 1.5g and see how that works for you, or you could just be a hero & throw in 3 and see how buzzed you get off that :) I know it's a relatively beaten around the bush answer, but I'm honestly not sure, I'd be lucky to get some dank at a good price here.. just not worth it. :(
  7. Shit I totally read it wrong haha. I thought you were simmering it in the water. My bad!
    Ive made pretty much the same recipe but I have a problem with going all out and using up to an entire eighth of some good bud when I make edibles so I have to watch it. Luckily I have the tolerance to handle it, but still, its not cheap for me to make haha.
  8. Sometimes your hand just... slips? :p
    I know what you mean, I think everyone has it in them a bit, at least everyone who loves some good dank.  :smoking:
    This sounds great, thanks for sharing. Is the hi like smokin? Or is it different? 
    It's quite similar, just lasts longer :)
  11. Really! Huh, I'm gonna find out! :) thank you for the know.
  12. Let me know what you think ^_^
    Morning Leftley, 
    Makin 1st tea! If it's the fat that bonds with the thc I'm going to add a little whole plain yogurt just because my milk is only 1%! Back in a bit with a report.  :love:
  14. Tried it for Bkfst tea. It was ok. My current stash is not dank so that may be why.
  15. :) well i'm glad it worked OK at least for you.
    sorry took so long to respond, been busy! anyway, it's possible your milk/yoghurt wasn't fatty enough!

    Hope you enjoyed it either way :)
  16. You should try using cream. More fat content.
  17. I have some skepticism, about this method.  Reason being, Milk the fat content of it is not near enough to actually infuse the THC effectively.  Using Heavy cream would be the best way in this case and even then the infusion is not instant.  Essentially If you are using Homogenized milk at present, heavy cream would have 14x more fat for the THC to attach to if you are using 2% your looking at 18x more effective if you use Heavy cream, and if you are using 1% (dont even bother).  In fact I wouldn't bother with anything less then Heavy cream, and if your using shake heavy cream would have a hard time getting the THC content you'd want.  

    I have experimented with Heavy cream Steamed to about 190f and had actual bud infusing with it in a tea infuser.  I let it infuse for a solid 30 mins, and it did have a very solid cannabis flavour and I would say I got a body high (nothing too potent at all).  After making that, I never really made it again.  Drinking heavy cream is just not the best :p.  

    I guess what im trying to say, is I would not infuse any bud in "MILK" I would and have attempted Cream but even then its not the easiest form.  If anything make some edible tincture and dribble some into your Green Tea then you will have a nice body high for a while.


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