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  1. Aight.. well theres alot of girls that i see around school n shit and their pretty fine..but how can i talk to em? it would be kinda awkward if i just walked up to a girl i dont even know n start talkin..

    But once i can talk to a girl i spit mad game..its just hard to start talkin to em..any advice?
  2. It's only as awkward as you make it bro.

    Have a little confidence, and if they reject you - there's plenty more.
  3. ha yea but normally the girls with a couple friends so if i kinda just walked up to em what would i say?

    sometimes when their just walkin alone in the hall im just like hey, arnt you *name*? shes like ya...n im like well im *name* n you should say wats up sumtime:)
  4. Bro , check your environment and atmosphere for things to talk about. Even things you've noticed about her appearance eg. A necklace or shoes or some shit. Just go up to her with smiling eyes and say "hey there , that's a nice watch you got. Where'd you get it ?" after small talk is made simply introduce yourself and the conversation should flow from there. I just used her appearance as an example of something to introduce yourself with - you can do it with anything , BUT it especially is effective when you notice something small about her appearance that most guys overlook since girls spend ALOT of time on their appearance.
  5. hah yea thts normally wat i try to do...n another thing..this girl ive known for about 3 4 years now i talk to alot..n she knows i like her because i flirt with her all the time and ive even told her but she said that we are like brother n sister n she cant see that changin any time can i try to get things to go to the next level?
  6. not sure if you will get to the next level man. high school is a tough time to be tryin that shit. when a girl puts you in the friend zone its almost impossible to get out. you can't make a girl like you, you can only do your best to be yourself and just talk to many different women.

    just have confidence, poise, and make sure your not afraid of rejection. its not a big deal if the girl says were only friends because there are a couple other billion women out there that may want you.

    just make sure to be yourself man. things will work out.

  7. Well it's hard to get out of the friendship zone. In fact i can almost guarantee you that you can't convince her to like you directly. Why ? Because attraction is more of an intrinsically built thing rather than emotional thing. You can though indirectly. And that's obviously to increase your social value and general appeal to women. Women are innately attracted to guys who are pursued by other women. It's far from choice for them - just as a good ass or nice pair of tits are appealing to us guys women are attracted the same to guys that are pursued. So her friends will be like I'm digging that guy , he's really cool .. Why haven't you hooked up with him ? Yadda yadda along those lines. After that moment I guarantee you that she'll reconsider her friendship with you for perhaps something more. In a nutshell the only way you're gonna get out of the friendship zone with her is either throwing yourself at her and hoping for the best or increasing your social value. The latter obviously being much more effective than the former - yet requires alot more effort. So ask yourself if it's really worth the effort.
  8. tell them to go to a party your going to...
    then talk to them or someshit...
    not that hard....say you neeed a study partner or someshit...

    just man up

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