How to start plant off? (outdoor grow)

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  1. Hello, I decided I'd post this in this beginners forum because I believe it is a beginner question. I have been researching on outdoor grows and am pretty confident so far. I just have one do I start the plant off after germination? I plan to transport them to the grow site when they are around 6 inches tall. Should I put the plant in a small pot outdoors/indoors? I am confused on this part. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :smoke:

  2. Wait to transplant until 4th or 5th set of true leaves. Dig a hole at site about twice as big around as a 5 gal bucket, and a little deeper than the bucket. Put same kind of dirt as plant is in already in hole. Transplant like this, at dusk, and you should be golden. Also, go to ace, true value, somewhere like that, and find some deer/rabbit repellant. Spread in 5 foot diameter all around your plants. Trust me.

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  3. If you transplant into different dirt, plants might not like it. Best to use something they're used to.

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  4. Thanks for your input, but I'm aware of transplanting and all that. I am just confused on how to start the seedling once I germinate it. Do I just let it grow outside in its own small pot or what? 
  5. Mitch, what I plan on doing is germinating my seeds. Planting them in plastic solo cups with a good 50/50 coco coir and ffof mixture under a couple cfl bulbs. Once they are about 2 weeks old and have 4 or more true leaf sets I will place them outside when the frost stops and things warm up. Hope this helps.

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  6. You basically need a hole big enough to support a standard rool ball? The roots won't grow into the natural soil and get any nutes that way? I'm curious since I will be trying this summer for the first time.

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    I use a 4 bulb T5 light..veg under that for about 3 weeks then transplant. These flourescent lights produce very little heat and use hardly any electricity.
    edit: you can also spread mothballs around your grow area..this will keep animals away. Also when at your grow, take a piss on the outer edge to keep deer away.
  8. I get what you're asking.  Basically, you start an outdoor the same as an indoor.  When it gets warm enough outside, you put the plant out in the sun for a few hours a day so it gets accustomed to the change.  After a week or so, you should be able to leave it outside until it finishes (usuallly late September to early October).  The biggest difference is you want to have a much bigger pot than you'd use inside.  I start with one gallons indoors until I move them out and they're about a foot or two tall.  I then transplant into a 5-10 gallon smart pot or plastic pot.  You don't NEED to dig a hole if you don't want to, and it's always good to have mobile plants in case of a need to move or hide them.  I hope this answers your question.
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    The bigger the hole, the bigger your plants and yields will be. If the soil is good, you can try using it and add some organic fertilizers. I would add things to the soil instead of leaving the plants to fend for themselves nutrient-wise. Using your own soil mix is always preferred though, of course.
    Also, if you are digging holes in the woods, bring an axe with you because you will probably run into roots too big for your shovel to cut through. You will break your shovel on those roots if you don't be careful. If it's not in the woods, you probably won't have that problem.
  10. Thanks guys, I might start them off inside with a light. But do I have to use a light to start them off? Other methods?
  11. So there are alternatives to use instead of chicken wire to deal with animals. Are these methods effective? I like the idea of using smart pots instead of digging. I has been gathering some bagseed/freebies for my outdoor. Save my best genitics for indoor. With that being said can I jump the 3 week old seedlings from 24 hour light to 12/12 to figure out sex then go back to 18 hours+ to force them back to veg? Time isn't a big deal because I have time not to start the process before spring and I understand this induce a lot of steess and stunted growth. Can anyone offer an opinion on a method to do this? Thank you.

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  12. That would be an easy and effective way to start. Go to the hardware store and find some cfls with a high daylight luminous output. Cheap and effective for the start.

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  13. Alright, If I plan to plant these outside early-mid april...when should I begin the whole process of germinating and all that?
  14. I would start at the end of March / beginning of April. I would select this time so you can get your girls going and have them ready when its the perfect time instead of starting them too early then have to keep them inside due to the temps outside not being optimal. I'm preparing for my first outdoor grow and this is just my opinion. I'm no expert by far so maybe someone else can give u a better opinion.

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  15. I already planted seeds and I may even cut a couple of clones in a month or so.  I grow in my back yard, I was working from that concept.  Sorry, I'm not familiar with guerrilla grows.
  16. Awesome guys thanks so much for all the input. What I think I'm gonna do is plant them in small pots first, giving them about 2 hours of sunlight a day. Let them grow about 6 inches or so then transport them outside. Ordering seeds tonight. Wish me luck! 

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