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  1. Forgive me if this has been posted a million times I come here after meeting a man at a vape lounge in the city and thought I could gather up as much information using said collection of wisdom,

    With that mentioned I'm planning an outdoor garden of my own have enough space for about my counties limit and want to start as soon as possible.
    I've heard of getting clones and using a hydroponic system until it can survive being on its own outside after March 27th I believe (?)

    My landlord is fine with me using the backyard to grow alongside his many blossoms and fruit which allows me to go as big as necessary in terms of arrangements of pots, possible irrigation and the like.

    I'm accepting all knowledge and tips as to when I should or can start, and what would be the best way to set up a completely organic outdoor grow using just the sun

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  3. since its your first grow, I'd recommend you start your plants from seeds rather than clones. you'll learn much more about the plants life-cycle, and if you intend to keep growing, you're gonna want to learn as much as you can from this harvest to have a solid basis of knowledge for your next crop. aside from this, using seeds you don't run the risk of introducing pests, pathogens, and mold from another grower into your garden. if the weather is mild enough, (think california conditions), you can generally start a seed outdoors in soil anytime after mid-march most places on the west coast. If its stays cold in early spring where you are, but you still want to get started, you could start seeds indoors under basic 6500k color temperature compact flourescent bulbs. I recommend using soil for the entire course of the grow, because transplanting from one growth medium to another stresses your plants. A lot of people buy chemical nutrient solutions and feed these to their plants the entire time. This is both more costly and complicated than growing organically because artificial nutrients (like those used in hydro and non-organic soil grows) are based on harsh chemical salts that can harm or even kill your plants when used in the wrong proportions. In order to prevent this, you would need to buy a ph meter and constantly keep the right balance of acidity in the soil. Its great that you're starting out growing organically.

    For your first season, I recommend using a premixed organic soil like black gold organic or eb stone recipe 420 mixed with one third perlite for aeration in a fabric smart pot 8-15 gallons, and general organics or roots organics veg and flower nutrients. if you start the seeds under a light, I recommend starting the seeds in solo cups filled with seed starting blend (low nutrient soil with no strong compost or manure) which can easily be cut away when you need to transplant to outdoors. If its warm and sunny enough to start the seeds outdoors, you can start them in a generous handful of seed starter mix at the top of the regular soil in your large smart pot.

    I used these methods on my first two grows with very good results for a first try. although early on I had problems with unfavorable environmental factors (pests, weather, high humidity causing some bud rot), I still yielded at least an ounce on all my plants, with some producing up to six ounces of very medicinal flowers. so a more basic organic soil and bottled nutrient setup can be entirely effective. You can search through the organic threads to get complicated recipes for homemade soil mixes based on individual organic components, but since this is your first grow, I think it makes more sense for you to start off with simpler methods and focus on the interaction with you and the plant itself. Observing and interacting with the plant to learn when it needs water, at what time of day it responds best to feeding, etc. Once you can totally tell when the plant is 'happy' or 'sad,' it will become much easier to tend to its specific needs. eventually, you'll start to feel like the plants are specifically showing you what they need. once you build up this basic knowledge it would be much easier to tell what components are effective in your own soil mix. as a final note, get some organic neem oil for pest and mold control. When used effectively, its just about the only thing you would ever need to spray on an organic cannabis plant.

  4. Wow - it's good to see you man. It's been a long time and I hope you and yours are well.

  5. I had to do a triple take :eek: MGB's journal and your old Obsession journal were what got me to make an account and join this forum in the first place ~2 years ago.
  6. dude i just went on a journey reading all those three threads for hours thanks know any other brilliant minds
  7. thank you for those who have responded thus far - I'll take a look into those links

    More info:
    I do happen to live in Northern California was thinking of starting some Clones (ASAP) and have them outside by the 21st possible have them even rooting outside - when temperature permits. Heard that mixed with good so8l and root accelerator could give a good yield in May after being in 12/12 in through April. Seeds aren't in my favor as I can't keep anything indoors for too long
  8. Have you a badass mother pheno outside. I pop my seeds under a T5 2 ft 4 bulb fixture in a white towel not napkin trust me. pre rinsed in hot ass water to make a nice warm towel sqeeze all excess water then you just got a nice warm towel not overly hot trust me i did it. And place seeds in small hand towel folded up in asandwhich bag .Keep it about 5 inches away from light 3 days later come see me.Your gravy from there .I been 100% germiniation rate every since [​IMG] I'd buy a single bean from herbies that bitch still sprout .In a nice litlle pot keep taking cuts if you wanted
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    Thanks. It has been a while. I have done some lurking from time to time just have not posted. I just started posting in my journal again a couple of months ago. I just have to many hobbies and what spare time I do have I enjoy hanging out with the wife. So I have not had the time to dedicate to any board the way I would like to. I also hope you and yours are well.[​IMG]
    Yep it would be me. Thank you, You paid me the best compliment a blade can give another blade. At times I have thought that keeping my journal was a waste of time. I don't get a ton of participation. As my moniker says I am a pretentious bore. I don't do music videos, flirt with female blades, or chat a whole lot about anything other then growing ganja. So I see where it could be quite boring for folks. I also tend to stay on my own porch and not interject myself in other folks gardens. So for the reasons above I am glad you were able to get some inspiration from it. Alzheimer's has not quite kicked in yet, so I do remember you pming me to ask a few questions. Lastly, congratulations on your progression over the last few years in the world of organic gardening.
    Damn J Smoke if you read/comprehended all those threads/posts/pdfs in hours and not days/weeks your a better man than I. I have been here at the city 5 years and I don't think I have even put a dent in all the information that has been shared here by knowledgeable blades over the years. In reference to your pm about finding more learning resources. Read all the stickies in this sub-forum. Also, check out the organic journal sub-forum. Find a garden that inspires you. Read and ask questions. Most folks here would be more than happy to aid you in your journey. Keep in mind organic gardening is not unlike anything else in life, you will get out of it what you put into it.

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  13. I honestly don't have a clue as to what you're talking about.

    But that's cool. I'm home from work, it's Friday and my house is quiet. I'm content and life is pretty good.


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