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How to start a conversation over text

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Bud420, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. I have been talking with this girl I met at my college for a few weeks now. I text her ever every now and then basically saying whats up..

    To me this feels boring and redundant..How can I be more interesting?
  2. "Hey, what are you up to tonight? Wanna do something?"

    Problem solved. Next.
  3. Hanging out with her tomorrow...My question is still up
  4. Get some silk boxers, get yourself raging hard, snap a picture of your bulge, send it with the caption, "Just 4 U ;)"

    Guaranteed pussy.
  5. why hasn't anyone else thought of this? :p
  6. Dirty i did that once............. i got slapped in the buldge.
  7. just call her
  8. if u are close friends u can say almost anything....if u are in the getting to know each other phase then ur choices are probably limited to small talk
  9. Are you just trying to start a conversation or trying to hit it? If you wanna hit it follow dirty petes advice. Its flawless.

    If you feel like talking to her more first than the trick is getting her to start talking about her life, trust me, once women get talking, you'll have difficulty getting them to shut up.
  10. Try not to have conversations through text when you should be saving those topics of discussion for when you're in person.

    You dont want to be spamming her phone and waiting for her replies and all that shit. Cause if you cant even figure out what to say in a damn text, how the hell are you going to hold up a conversation for when you're with her in person? Awkward silence?

    Only time you should text is to see where shes at and if shes ready for you to pick her up. If if you need an answer for something. You know, something quick. Otherwise you can call the damn girl.
  11. the first thing ill ever text anybody is "yoo whats good" works like a charm.
  12. stretch the conversation out more, be more detailed into what you say instead of saying "just chillin",explain out what your actually doing,what your about to do,or what your thinking about doing in detail. girls seem to love a guy who can keep a conversation going. also ask alot of questions,not in the stalker way, but seem actually interested in what your asking, make comments on it, etc. basically just act like you would talking in person, but instead typing it out. girls love it, TRUST KING KUSH. as long as you pay attention to a girl, make her feel liked, and that shes special, she'll be on that dick faster than a fly on dog shit.
  13. Give her a flower and see how she reacts. If its a bad reaction, just laugh and say you're joking.
  14. "Hey, Slut!" --with a smiley face like :p
  15. Just say "hey" and go from there
  16. bro if you're hanging out with her the next day, why do you see the need to text her for nothing? wait until tomorrow and then chat with her face to face.
  17. i agree with the last line 1000000%

    right now, I'm trying to get to know a girl, she's hardly ever on facebook or text and her phone is still WAP 2.0

    I love that about her, and I was stuck before cause in this day and age, everyone texts, it's so not personal.

  18. conversation?

    just ask them the damn question that will make them never shut up
    "how was your day" :D
  19. Maybe you should change your focus and question if this girl, you can barely find anything intresting to talk about with, is worth it? or is she just some boring broad with a pussy between her legs?

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