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How to spot a stoner!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silemanx, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. I think this will have some interesting responses.
    A lot of us claim to have a stoner equivalent of gaydar. We pick up obvious or subtle clues in others that make us know for certain or at least speculate a new acquaintance might smoke. It might be physical; clothes/jewelry/hair. Or mental; certain words/phrases/the way they speak/opinions/musical tastes. What are some unique characteristics that tick off your radar for fellow tokers?

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Not to be rude... but I cringe whenever I see somebody wearing a Bob Marley shirt. It honestly makes me sick...
  4. Well obviously there are some people who you would never know if they smoke or not.. But some obvious signs are drug rugs/that type of pattern in general... vans... bob marley apparel... saying words like "broooo, dank..etc"

    yeah. If I meet someone and become friends with them I can usually tell if they smoke by the way they act.
  5. Smokers almost always seem to have an unmistakeable laugh; even when try aren't high. Their laugh usually sounds sort of like a dry chuckle when sober and it sounds extra dry when they are stoned. Although spotting someone who is stoned isn't a hard thing to do if you look at their eyes and they are really red or really white (from eye drops).
  6. can't really describe it. you just know...
  7. If they always have a lighter on them, but don't smoke cigarettes. That my friend, is a stoner.
  8. [quote name='"figarofigaro"']Not to be rude... but I cringe whenever I see somebody wearing a Bob Marley shirt. It honestly makes me sick...[/quote]

    well he was just a musician dude, lots of people like his music and wanna wear clothes that represent that. its like any other band shirt really.
  9. it's all in the persons vibes
  10. Its hard to explain, but sometimes you can guess by their language, the way they act, and of course physical symptoms like red eyes.

  11. he's probably referring to the people who don't really listen to his music and just wear the shirt because they smoke weed.
  12. [quote name='"purplerhino"']it's all in the persons vibes[/quote]

    This. Its just the overall character of a dude. You can just tell
  13. When you look into their eyes you can see every strain, pipe, and joint they have smoked. They reveal themselves :bongin:
  14. Black shit on the bottom of their lighter.

  15. Hey guy I own/wear three different Bob Marley T-Shirts, but not to be a standout stoner, I just like the man!

    But I can usually tell someone is a stoner by the look in their eyes, usually someone who is stoned has this very lethargic look to them, droopy eyelids,

    The guys in my town look/dress very skanky looking. Unkept long hair, hemp necklaces or bracelets, drive beat up looking cars, hang out in groups, wear sunglasses, wear dirty looking clothes. The girls who stone are your basic "non conformist" chicks who come in a variety of shapes.
  16. You just kind of pick it up about them I suppose.
  17. I wear some hemp bracelets and stuff. Look for Jamaican colors
  18. [quote name='"figarofigaro"']Not to be rude... but I cringe whenever I see somebody wearing a Bob Marley shirt. It honestly makes me sick...[/quote]

    Not to be rude, but Bob Marley was so much more than a pothead. He fought hard for peace and equality for example. If it makes you sick to see someone support peace, then you got issues.

  19. Lmao! The truth
  20. I don't know exactly how I do it, it's just easy to recognize "one of my own."

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