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How to smoke rock hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chroniccc, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. So my dealer hit me up and he said he can get me some rock hash for $30 a G, I said ok played it off cool and said yeah let me get some of that shiiiiii

    So he's rolling over after school tomorrow and im gonna get it, but I am not totally sure about how to smoke it/ what to do with it really.... I googled some shit but I knew my best resource was here, the GC forums:))

    By the way, they are like little rocks I guess NOT hash oil, are these rocks hard like can they be smushed with my finger lol? I have a pipe and would I just put one of these rocks in and light up??

  2. What is "rock hash?"

    Just take a sharp knife, cut a little bit off and put it on top of a loaded bowl and smoke it like normal.

  3. Agreed but make sure to take it slow hash is really strong like good hash can be 10x stronger than good grass so like I said take it slow man.
  4. You don't need much, try little increments.

  5. No no no DIVE HEAD FIRST into that shit it's better and you really can only get so high, so what he might just fall asleep if he overdoes it haha
  6. Maybe it's concentrated crack, Crack=rock
  7. Ok and is it possible to smoke it without weed? Like can I just put a rock in the bowl and go to town?
  8. You can smoke it by itself in a bowl, but don't suck too hard on the piece.
  9. No guys I don't really mean rock I'd say it's a type of clay
  10. If you smoke it by itself your lungs will hate you. On the inhale you're fine. On the exhale it's like hot shards of glass in your lungs. It's way more comfortable to smoke if you mix it with weed or tobacco.
  11. And there's no such thing as "Rock Hash". It's probably just normal compressed hash. Is it really piney smelling and kinda green?
  12. Well I don't have it yet.. Does anyone have any experiences with smoking hash without weed? How bad is it really?
  13. There's 250% THC somewhere?!

    If it's clay like, it's just compressed hash. If it's rock like, it's probably shatter glass or amber glass, which are made from BHO.
  14. Take a pair of tweezers and squeeze the hash. The hash should stick to one side, take a lighter (preferably a torch) and heat the other side of the tweezer up red hot. Touch the hot tweezer to the hash and inhale the smoke through a bottle with the end cut off.
  15. you might mean,compressed kief,aka drysifted hash.. $30 kinda high,my gramz are for $10 .It crumbles up easily when warmed up..

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  16. hot knife, only 2 words that matter in this sitch-ooo-achen
  17. i have smoked hash without bud in the form of qwiso and dry sift hash. i recommend topping a bowl off with it, even if its a small bowl, and take a few nice big hits and chill.
  18. probably bubble hash...smoke it on top of a bowl or you can even press it to the side of the bowl if you got skills and smoke it that way..hash is great it's what I pictured "one hit quit shit" being as a kid..only takes me 3 or 4 good hits and im blown

  19. No it's not that my guy said it was in like a rock form like little rocks
  20. out of a stone pipe with The Rock. :smoking:

    EDIT: if ya smelllllllalalalalalalalallllowwwww.. *raises eyebrow*

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