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How to smoke grand daddy purp?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PuffPassSmash, May 13, 2011.

  1. Well I just bought marijuana for the first time from a guy at school who everyone said to buy from
    its not my first time lighting up though
    my brother is kind of a strain know it all and he said it was grand daddy purp by the looks of it
    got it for 20/g
    Here is the deal
    Im a senior and tomorrow is my senior walk and im pulling an all nighter and wanna try some of this grand daddy purp like now-ish
    I have some rolling pappers for a J but im not sure if i should use some homemade pipe/bong

    i do not own a real bong

    anyy suggestions?
  2. Can you get a pic of it? I would Recommend a water bong but a j will cut it.

  3. ill try to upload a pic with my ipod or iphone
    wont be awesome quality but ill try
    i dont want my parents smelling it cause my brother opened it up out of the container and i could smell it from 3 rooms away
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    Well no offense but haha. Your gonna pull a all nighter with a heavy indica and if it is purp or grand daddy purp its gonna knock your ass out real quick. You will most likely be tired tomorrow if you do. Id rather do it tomorrow night as its friday and its after your senior walk you will also have enough time time tomorrow to pick up a rilo or if you can only smoke tonight then i would make a homemade bong or pipe look on youtube
  5. I wouldn't recommend smoking before an all nighter. You'll be burnt out in about two hours.

    In my opinion, you should invest in a glass pipe. Everybody should. They're a trusty go-to piece.
  6. #6 kermenker, May 13, 2011
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    This is why I'm asking for pics
  7. im working on uploading a pic
  8. If you have never rolled a joint/cigarette before, don't try to roll, you'll just suck at it and waste your weed.

  9. well the only time i tried rolling a J was with some shitty dry reggie
    and i did a decent job considering how dry it was
    but i just got some dank shit right here and dunno what to do. here is a pic, bad quality you cant see but half of it is purple color


  10. Could not agree more.
  11. That doesn't look like Grand Daddy Purp to me, but the picture is extremely bad quality. I would recommend buying a pipe from your local headshop.
  12. This is probably the most unfeasible way to smoke, financially speaking, but it does taste wonderful in a Grape Dutch. But like others said, if you don't know how to roll, it'll be a waste.

  13. that aint no GDP man and your brother no matter how smart he is cannot ever identify a strain just by the looks. Unless he can trace the bud back to the grow and ask him then he's wrong
  14. Go buy a highliter and get a socket from ur garage toolbox and make a little pipe....

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